Baby Jogger City Select Double Jogger Review

Choosing the perfect double stroller for your family can be an incredibly hectic process. You cannot skimp on the stroller as you will have to be dealing with more than one baby, and you cannot spend an insane amount either. However, despite numerous options out there that are bound to make you a little dizzy, the Baby Jogger City Select Double Stroller is a popular choice among families. This is mainly due to its numerous configurations and attractive design.

The Baby Jogger City Select Double has become increasingly popular among parents with more than one kid. Not only does it allow you to fit two of your kids and carry them around, but it also has different configurations. The various formats allow you to be flexible and adapt to your children’s needs. That way, you will find ample space to fit three of your kids.

If you’re using the Baby Jogger City Select Double, there is no need to worry about your growing family. Even if they grow older, taller, or have an extra member in your family, this stroller has been designed to be flexible. It can adapt to different additions your family might have.

Who Is the Baby Jogger City Select Double Jogger For?

This stroller is the ideal one for families looking for a tandem double stroller with numerous configurations. It is for any growing family looking for flexibility, convenience, and comfort.

However, you must be a parent willing to risk some quality for the convenience you get. This stroller is designed to fit two babies and is quite bulky. It comes with some downfalls, such as the plastic wheels or the two-wheel shocks that might not perform as expected. However, suppose you are willing to sacrifice a little on that. In that case, this stroller is a beautiful addition to your family, and it manages to find a way to combine everyone in one.

So, is it for you? Well, if you want to get back into your active lifestyle but still find a way to bond with your kids, this might just be the stroller for you. Because of its high-quality material and numerous configurations, you will find it pretty convenient to jog around the park with your babies right next to you.

Moreover, it is designed to simply move over different terrains and grounds. That makes it even more attractive as you can literally use it to carry your kids anywhere. Consider buying the Baby Jogger City Select Double Jogger if you’re an active parent, have more than one baby, and are looking for brilliant configurations in a stroller.

Best for:

  1. Twins, obviously!
  2. Two kids: a baby and a toddler
  3. Parents who value comfort and ample space for their kids

Not suitable for:

  1. Parents living in hilly terrains
  2. People shorter than 5’4”


Below is a list of the most notable features of the stroller:


  • Open: 25.59” width x 46.06” length x 40.75” height
  • Folded: 25.59” width x 34.65” length x 11.61” height


  • Without second seat: 29.54 pounds
  • With the second seat attached: 37.07 pounds


  • Nylon fabric
  • Plastic and aluminum frame


  • Rubber rear wheels that are filled with air
  • Plastic front wheels that are swivel-lock

Handle Bar

  • Adjustable to fit different heights
  • Rubberized grip


  • Provides protection from the sunlight (UV 50+)
  • Has peek-a-boo window that closes magnetically
  • Silent extension
  • It can be adjusted to fit different heights

Storage Space

  • Under-stroller basket that can fit up to 15 pounds
  • Mesh pockets on the back of the seat that can fit up to 2 pounds


  • Has 16+ seat configurations to adapt with your growing family
  • 3 reclination positions available through one-handed motion
  • Adjustable leg rest

What We Love About the Baby Jogger City Select Double (& What We Don’t)

Honestly, the most exciting thing about this stroller is that it has over 16 different configurations. They have been designed to work wonders for you and your family as you grow together.

Moreover, it provides the perfect bonding experience between you and your children. If you’re going out on a walk, you can still talk to them and see them through the peek-a-boo window in the canopy. Suppose you’re looking for a more physically active lifestyle. In that case, you can go out on jogs with your babies riding right alongside you.

The thing is, this stroller does not limit you. Instead, it works on finding solutions to whatever problems you have had. Now, you won’t have to stress out about finding another stroller if your second kid comes along, as you can use this with additional options.

Worried about fitting your kids through doors and tight spaces? Another marvelous thing about this stroller is that the seats are inline and not present side-by-side, which saves up space and makes it easier to move them around with you.

Also, we all know how hectic the life of parents can become. You do not feel like taking your kids out, and you’re just tired. Well, you’ll be glad to know that this stroller is pretty easy to maneuver. It also provides you with a one-handed steering option to save you the trouble of pushing around with both hands.

The Other Side

However, we don’t really like the lack of accessories when purchasing the stroller. As it is slightly on the pricier side, one would expect it to come with additional extensions or accessories. Unfortunately, it usually does not, and you might have to purchase some extras separately.

Moreover, there have been general complaints about the weight of the Baby Jogger City Select Double Stroller. But this complaint obviously comes with any double stroller built with high-quality material.

While the stroller is quite heavy and hard to carry around into cars or put aside, this little huff-and-puff is believed to be worth it as all the pros outweigh the cons when it comes to this stroller. To illustrate briefly, here is our list of the stroller’s pros and cons:


  • Adapts and adjusts to fit growing families
  • Very stylish and attractive design
  • Fit two car seats inline instead of side-by-side
  • A spacious storage area that is also easy to access
  • 16+ configuration options


  • Difficult to fold
  • Considered to be heavy when lifting or storing away
  • No additional accessories come when you purchase the stroller

Extensive Review

Let’s get into the nitty-gritty and discuss all the different features.

16+ Configurations of stroller


Do you know why everyone is obsessed with the 16+ configurations option? It’s because it provides you with adaptability, flexibility, and ease of use. You have room for two seats, and each chair has a maximum weight limit of 45 pounds. They also both recline independently, so you can shift around your kids whichever way you want.

Another awesome thing about the configuration is that the second additional seat goes into the front, unlike most double strollers. This makes a huge difference as it makes the whole  stroller much more stable. It also is recommended to place your older child at the bottom of the stroller to make it more durable.

This whole front-heavy situation generally allows you to have more space and gives your kids A LOT of room to move around and feel free. This also saves you the trouble of having your older, taller kid kicking the front seat of your younger one. That way, you can avoid them fighting and nagging!

Seat Positions

Do you want your kids looking at you? Do you want them to face each other? Then no worries, as this double stroller provides you with numerous seat positioning options to make your life and your kids’ lives much more manageable.

With a few clicks, you can switch the seats up so they can face forward or backward, whichever is more convenient for you. A few extra clicks, and you can make them both face you, or face each other, or both facing forward. You actually have 24 seating options in total available for you to mix and match the situation!

Even though there are 24 options for you to choose from, there are three main seating configurations, which also seem to be the most convenient for parents. These are: facing each other, facing forward, and both facing backward.

These seating configurations, especially the double rear-facing option, are hard to find in double strollers. That is what makes the Baby Jogger City Select Double Jogger stand out.

Be aware that as your kids grow older, it generally gets a little harder for you to fit them both in comfortably as the space gets a little tighter. It will make it harder for you to recline both seats without annoying one of your kids. However, you can always use the single-mode and recline as much as you want!

Large Canopies for Protection For baby


The canopy option on the Baby Jogger City Select Double Jogger is incredibly convenient and protective. It is a UV 50+ adjustable canopy. You have two different height adjustment options, which are easy to switch between; one snap, and you’re ready to go!

While it protects your kids from the sun, it also is wide enough to protect your kids from the rain, so you won’t have to worry about taking them out for strolls in the winter, as long as you keep them warm!

Moreover, the canopies come with a magnetic closure, so you can forget the days of those noisy Velcro straps that wake your baby up from their name. Moreover, there is a peek-a-boo window in the canopies. This allows you to keep an eye on your babies at all times.

Storage Space

With the Baby Jogger City Select Double Jogger, you have more than enough space to fit in your items and your kids’ stuff. The under-seat basket is very spacious, as it is equipped with flexible mesh sides that will allow you to fit up to 15 pounds. This gives you ample space for diapers, snacks, toys, and your personal belongings.

Under-seat Storage Space Stroller

Moreover, the under-seat basket has a zipper, making it easier for you to fit in larger items without struggling to fit them in. Don’t forget that there is also another smaller mesh basket found at the back-end of the back seat, which can hold up to 2 pounds of weight. This can be used for your smartphone, keys, and wallet.

Braking & Handlebar

Let’s first talk about the brakes. While most strollers are equipped with foot brakes, the Baby Jogger City Selects features a hand-controlled brake. It is located on the top left side of the stroller’s handlebar, allowing easy access whenever you need it.

These brakes get the job done despite being found to be a little stiff to use. However, they do get the job done by keeping the stroller safely in place and allowing you to maneuver things around more easily.

Now, let’s discuss the handlebars. These are very easy to adjust to fit different kids’ heights and fit your kids as they grow older. You will feel like you’re in complete control with the use of the handlebar, and it does have an excellent grip.

Double City Stroller Wheels For baby


The City Select is perfect for when you want to take your kids shopping or roam around with them. It fits into narrow spaces and is easily maneuvered around small spaces.

The rear wheels are air-filled, and the front wheels are swivel-locking, making the stroller easy to push around. Moreover, these wheels allow you to drive your kids around on different terrains without struggling, including concrete and grass. You will have to use both hands for more challenging terrains.

Make sure you do use both hands when pushing your kids around on rougher grounds, as one hand has proven to be quite tricky to do. However, that makes a lot of sense as you don’t even want to risk putting your kids in an unsafe situation.


We all know that double strollers take up more space than single strollers; there is no doubt about that. However, the Baby Jogger City Select Double Stroller folds up nicely, even when you’re using it for two infants. It is easier to fold than other double strollers as the seats are inline over one another, not side-by-side.

It also comes with this “quick fold” technology, which means it really is relatively easy to fold as the seat itself manages to fold with the stroller. Don’t worry about storage space, as it is considered one of the most compact strollers of the convertibles once folded.

Easily Foldable Without the Second Seat

So, how would you close up this stroller? Like any other double stroller, you will have to take out the second seat to do that. Sure, that might be annoying at times, but you can slide the seat in and out in a heartbeat, so it won’t consume too much of your time or energy.

Then, you will also need to close the canopy and extend the leg rest onto the remaining seat, and now you pull up on the folding handles, which are found on both sides of the stroller. You will realize that it folds upon itself quite quickly, so be careful when you’re folding it as you want to avoid it falling onto anyone or anything.

Now, once it is folded, you should snap the storage lock into place, which might require a little more of your strength. You lock it up to make the process of moving it from one place to another much easier, as you need to be able to hold it up without it falling around.


The unfolding process will require more strength from you. The first thing you obviously do is unclip the lock, pull up the handlebar, and that will just make the stroller pop right up. Well, that sounds easy enough, right?

In reality, the concept of unfolding the stroller is straightforward, but remember that the stroller weighs approximately 30 pounds, which means it will need your strength to pull it up off the ground. You can permanently remove the seats to make the stroller that much lighter and easier to unfold.

Reclination and Leg Rests

You want your kids to be happy and comfortable, don’t you? No one wants fussy kids on a stroller, which is why this stroller is ideal for 2 kids you need to push around. You have three reclination options and enough leg space for your kids to kick around.

To adjust the recline of the seats, you simply need a single-handed squeeze on the recline button, and you’re good to go.

On the other hand, adjusting the leg rest requires more strength; you need to use both hands and some quick actions. You first have to press the buttons present on both sides of the leg rest and then pull it into place.

The Harness on the stroller


You do need to keep your kids safe and secure, and what’s better than a five-point harness that fits in perfectly and can be undone with only one hand? The harness straps are easy to tighten and loosen up, making it easier for you to adjust them around your kids to keep them safe.

However, if you’re looking to readjust the harness’s height, you will definitely have to reread it. While that is annoying as the back is covered with a Velcro panel, meaning you cannot really open it up and see what you’re doing, it still is worth adjusting when you need it.

Hence, you might not need to adjust it at first, but if you do eventually need to, just take all the time you need to fix it and do not rush things. Grab yourself a flashlight and be patient through the process.


Unlike most other double strollers, this stroller has stadium seats instead of the ordinary second seat under the main one. This design has been made this way to maximize the use of that storage basket. That way, you won’t have to worry about finding it difficult to reach out and pick up some items from the basket.

You can easily click the seats into place with the help of the side adapters, and it can be done quickly and efficiently. Moreover, both seats have leg rests available along with reclination options, allowing your kids to feel extra comfy while they’re out on a stroll.


Finally, let’s talk a bit about the stroller’s quality. The Baby Jogger City Select Double Jogger is known to have higher-than-average quality, especially compared to other double strollers.

First of all, you will notice that the fabric is pretty much similar to any other stroller but is found to be a little rougher to the touch. However, you won’t have to worry about it hurting your kids as the seats are incredibly comfortable to sit in. It also is very thick and durable.

The frame is very sturdy and durable as well. We already talked about the wheels with 8-inch plastic front wheels and 12-inch rubber air-filled wheels at the back. This configuration makes the rides on the stroller generally smoother.

Car-seat Compatibility

If you’re wondering whether it is compatible with car seats, we are here to reassure you it is. You can fit in two infant car seats with the Baby Jogger City Select frame, which is a great option when you have infants or one baby and a toddler.

Moreover, don’t worry about compatibility, as City Select has numerous options. They are Baby Jogger, Britax, Graco, Chicco, Peg Perego, Maxi-Cosi, BOB, Cybex, and Nuna car seats.

Final Words

All in all, we do recommend the Baby Jogger City Select Double Jogger for parents who have two twins or a baby with an infant. This stroller will make your life much easier if you have a growing family.

We believe this stroller is ideal for you if you are willing to invest in a pricier yet higher-quality stroller. Moreover, this stroller is perfect if you plan on having a stroller that lasts you for a long time as your kids grow older and taller.

How We Choose Our Baby Jogger City Select Double Jogger

The process of settling on one specific double stroller for jogging was not a piece of cake. That’s because we had to factor in numerous elements that play a role in deciding which stroller is the best. Moreover, there are SO MANY double strollers out there. But the number one reason we chose to write a lengthy review on the Baby Jogger Select Double Stroller is due to all the hype it has created. However, we would not have done so if it did not meet our criteria regarding these few features:

  • Adjustability
  • High weight capacity 
  • Storage
  • Comfort

Well, first of all, before our detailed discussion on these features, we must make it clear that these are not our only sought-after features. However, we do prioritize these for the following reasons:


Adjustability is always an essential aspect of any double stroller. Nothing would work for this stroller without the ability to adjust the harness, the length of the handlebar, the belt around the baby, or the height of the seat. You might see the need to fix things up if you want to fit two babies in there.

High Weight Capacity

Well, you might think, “oh well, the weight capacity doesn’t matter! I only have two small babies.” Well, that might be true, but trust us, YOU NEED ALL THE EXTRA WEIGHT. That’s because you’re not calculating the extra space you use for storage or the weight of your babies once they grow up a little more.


For your little ones, storage space is one of the vital features every parent should look for. That’s especially true if you’re considering going on a trip to the park or some local areas with your little ones. You’ll need to bring the toys, the water, the milk, the diapers, the snacks, the games, and all that back-up.


While some parents strive after the more “prestigious” brand names, we have found that that actually doesn’t matter most of the time. We now look for comfort before we even look at the brand name, as we should continuously optimize the babies’ comfort all the way from reclination options to cushioning.

Why Trust Us

Our testing policy boils down to the following: honesty, loyalty, and transparency. New Baby Central team is a small one, focused yet enthusiastic. The creative genius is Eliza Williams, a mother of three exceptional children, who inspired her to start all of this and spread the word amongst parents.

The second element of our team is Mathew Field, a research fanatic, great with children, and a scientist gone rogue! While his undying love for all sciences never diminishes, he decided to join forces with Eliza to help with all the testing and evaluation of various products. 

Our Process

To understand what we do to make our final decisions about the products we mention, you just understand its process. This specific stroller took us about 6 weeks to thoroughly test, as we wanted to get into all the nooks and crannies to fully comprehend what’s going for and against it.

However, we first sift through a list of viable options. However, for this review article, we only had one stroller in mind to review. Hence, we got a hold of it, got it through all the testing processes, and provided an extensive evaluation. 

How We Test Our Baby Jogger City Select Double Jogger

There are a few aspects we aim to address, which provide us with all the insight we need for our testing:

  • Quality of material
  • Weight and weight recommendation
  • Convenience 
  • Comfort
  • Foldability
  • Maneuverability
  • Adapt to different terrains
  • Size

Quality of Material

This mainly boils down to a few things. How easy is it to clean up the stroller? Does the material hold up against rain, heat, and sudden hits? Well, does it hold against accidental bumps into other material? We test those qualities by letting the stroller soak in water for an hour, then drying it, keeping it in the sun for 3 hours at a time, and bumping it into everyday objects. We see how well it holds up.

Weight & Recommendation

See, since you can use this stroller alongside jogging, it must not be cumbersome. We don’t want any jogging stroller to be too heavy, as that slows you down. Hence, we check the stroller’s weight, how easy it is to carry it around, and take it into the car and out. Moreover, we put approximately 90 pounds of weight (weights we have from our home gym) and move it around. Since the weight limit on each seat is 45 pounds, we can only test it by putting the maximum recommended weight in and doing everyday chores.

Convenience & Comfort

We prioritize the comfort of our babies all the time. Hence, the number one thing we do is test the cushioning. Do you feel the hard steel underneath all the cushioning? Will the baby still feel comfortable on rocky roads? As for convenience, we want to know if it’s easily adjustable, if the handle reaches you quickly, and how convenient the process is for you. Foldability also falls under this, as the stroller is incredibly easy to fold and unfold, making it more convenient for everyday use. 

Maneuverability & Adaptability

This double stroller is for two primary purposes. Number one is fitting two babies easily at the same time. The second thing is it is a jogging stroller for your own needs. Hence, we test it on different terrains while having the weights there. That allows us to find out whether it truly works on other grounds, how easy it is to run, and whether it wobbles around.

We also test the brakes to see whether you can lock them. Locking the brakes makes your run easier, as you won’t have to configure the wheels’ direction and run simultaneously. Instead, all you would need to do is use the brakes, run one way, and avoid the strollers’ wobbling. 


We often avoid double strollers that go side by side, creating a chaotic environment all around. Not only will your little ones be constantly annoying one another since they’re next to each other, but that opens up the opportunity for more hits all around. Hence, we always prefer the above-one-another strollers as they’re simply more convenient. However, we take these strollers and run them through your everyday places. That includes your house door, the supermarket, the park, entrances, and the streets. Moreover, we do still want the stroller to be large enough to avoid the baby getting all heated up or uncomfortable, so enough spacing should be present.

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