Best Baby Bouncer Walker of 2022

Are you bored of the traditional baby walkers? Does your baby not enjoy roaming around the house in one anymore? Well, the best alternative is a baby bouncer walker, which keeps your baby upright and entertains him at the same time! Let your baby enjoy bouncing around and playing with all the different toys that come with these bouncers.

A baby bouncer walker will help your baby develop their motor skills and coordination. It will also improve any muscle weakness they have, as they will be able to jump around the bouncer while being secure and stabilized at the same time.

Instead of opting for a standard walker, going for a bouncer will encourage your baby to become more independent and use more muscles to support themselves. It also allows them to move around the bouncer more freely, as most allow for a 360-degree rotation.

While there are numerous different bouncer walkers, our ultimate favorite would be the Oribel Activity Center. It provides you with everything you and your baby need. At the same time, it is not as flashy or noisy as other bouncing walkers, which provides a calmer and more attractive alternative.

 A Spotlight On the best Baby Bouncer Walkers of 2022:

Disney Baby  Activity Jumper

Fisher-Price Jumperoo

Summer Infant Pop ‘N Jump

Baby Trend Bounce N’ Play

Oribel PortaPlay 


Bright Starts


Summer Infant

Baby Trend









Minnie Mouse







Plastic & Fabric





15.75 pounds

2.84 pounds

1 pounds

10.78 pounds

13 pounds

Dimensions (inches)

31 x 27 x 34 

34.65 x 34.65 x 34.65 

30.25 x 9.75 x 9.75

29 x 29.5 x 30.8

26.77 x 26.77 x 18.11

Age Range

>6 months


6-12 months

6-15 months

5 months-5 years

Maximum Weight

24 pounds

25 pounds

25 pounds


22 pounds




















2 x AA

3 x AA 

Not applicable

Not applicable

Not applicable

Disney Baby MINNIE MOUSE Baby Bouncer Walker

Disney Baby MINNIE MOUSE Activity Jumper reviewSurprise your baby with this bit of peek-a-boo playtime jumper that will keep her occupied and entertained for hours on end. The Disney Baby MINNIE MOUSE Activity Jumper has 12 interactive toys and activities.

Moreover, it comes with four different adjustability heights that allow your baby to use the activity jumper at varying stages of her childhood. The seat rotates in a full circle, allowing your child to reach out to toys found around her. She can reach those toys while jumping, encouraging her to use her legs.

We all know how these jumpers and walkers can get pretty noisy and annoying. However, the MINNIE MOUSE Jumper comes with a volume control button. Moreover, it contains an electronic toy station that keeps your baby occupied with numerous toys, lights, and sounds. Furthermore, this jumper allows you to add more toys to keep your kid’s playtime more entertaining and ever-changing.

Moreover, this jumper walker is incredibly easy to cleanout. You only need to take out the machine-washable seat pad and throw it in the washing machine. On the other hand, you can clean the jumper using fabric wipes, which surprisingly effectively get the job done.

To sum things up, the MINNIE MOUSE Jumper comes with fantastic equipment and toys. It has numerous features guaranteed to keep your baby occupied and happy. These include the toys dangling from all around, the spins and rattles of toys, the spinning of the seat, and solid pieces resembling Lego that you can disassemble and put back together.

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  • Includes numerous interactive toys to keep your baby entertained
  • Allows for 360-degree rotation
  • You can add your toys to the jumper to switch things up for your baby


  • While considered stable, the jumper might be a little shaky

Fisher-Price Color Climbers Jumperoo

cheap baby bounce walkerIs your baby one of the hyper ones who love monkeying around? If so, consider investing in the Fisher-price Climbers Jumperoo. It includes numerous different animal toys that come in countless different colors. The seat rotates with 360-degree rotation, allowing your baby to access any toy they want at any given point. Other accessories featured include lights, music, and sounds to reward your baby’s every jump.

This jumperoo is also designed to allow your kid to grow with it. It does so by providing three different height adjustment options for your baby. It comes with many colorful toys in the shape of animals, guaranteeing your baby’s entertainment. Moreover, the seat itself is removable, allowing you to wash it without wiping it down with wet wipes.

So, how will this jumperoo benefit your baby? First of all, it enhances children’s motor skills through toys and activities. Secondly, it stimulates their sensory development through lights, colors, and sounds produced. It also promotes imaginative thinking and creativity. However, it does not suit all ages. Make sure that your little explorer can hold their head up without assistance. Also, make sure that your baby cannot bring themselves out of the jumperoo.

All in all, the Fisher-Price bouncing walker will help promote balance and independence in your baby. Jumping and balancing are considered excellent workout for young ones, and it works on strengthening their muscles. Your little angel will stay safely tucked inside the jumperoo but still enjoy all the toys dangling around and jumping on their own.

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  • The jumperoo has numerous colorful animal toys
  • Allows your baby to grow with it as it is height-adjustable
  • Very easy to put together


  • You might have to use a cushion or pillow under your baby if they are shorter than average

Summer Infant Pop ‘N Jump SE Portable Activity Center

best baby bouncer walkerYou know how bouncing walkers can be a little inconvenient as they are often bulky and hard to carry around? Well, this Summer Infant Portable Activity Center will rid you of that problem, as it is portable, lightweight, and you can easily fold it.

You can use this activity center both indoors and outdoors for children who have the capability of holding their heads up unassisted. However, I recommended that your baby is at a weight that does not exceed 25 pounds. Moreover, the folding process is compact, easy, and fast so that you can do it on the move for picnics, vacations, or around the house.

Moreover, the seat is removable and is washing machine-friendly. Also, as this activity center is designed to suit both indoor and outdoor activities, it comes with a great canopy that shields your baby from the sun’s harmful radiation. It also comes with three-level height options that allow you to change it as your baby grows up. Also, it comes with toys, a carry bag, and of course, has the features that allow your baby to jump around in it.

The Pop ‘N Jump Activity Center is one baby bouncer we recommend looking for a lightweight and portable option for your baby. Remember that it does not come with the lights and music that usually keep your baby occupied. However, since this baby bouncer is often used outdoors, you have that as entertainment for your baby.

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  • It has a weight of 1 pound, which means it is portable and you can carry it with you
  • It is built to suit both indoor and outdoor activities
  • It comes with a sun canopy to protect from the sun’s harmful radiation


  • There is no music option on the baby jumper

Baby Trend 3-N-1 Bounce N’ Play Activity Center Plus

3 in 1 baby bouncer walkerThis 3-in-1 bouncing walker is a fantastic bouncer walker. The best thing about it is converting it from an activity center to an activity play table, and even to a flat table. This allows your baby to explore and discover different aspects of the bouncer while developing their motor and sensory skills.

Don’t worry about the height difference, as you have three different adjustment options to maneuver the bouncer while your baby grows. The seat can move in full circles, allowing your baby to move around 360 degrees so they can reach all their toys without much effort. Moreover, the attached toys can be taken out and used as stand-alone toys, where your baby can enjoy them both in and out of the bouncer.

This bouncer walker aims to help your baby enjoy themselves while developing their visual and auditory cues through the use of different electronic toys with lights and sounds. As for safety, it comes with 3-point leg support, guaranteeing the stability of your baby even while you are not there.

If you are looking for a multi-functional walker bouncer, then the Baby Trend 3-N-1 Bounce N’ Play might be the one you are looking for. Instead of buying individual equipment, you have one that includes everything your baby will need. It is easy to assemble, fun, entertaining, and very comfy for your baby. The more your child grows, the more adaptable the center will be.

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  • It has three different modes: an activity center, an activity table, and a flat table.
  • Incredibly easy to assemble
  • It helps babies in their walking capabilities, eye-tracking, and neck muscles development


  • It is a little on the heavier side, so it is not considered to be easily portable

Orbitel PortaPlay 4-in-1 Foldable Baby Bouncer Walker

4-in-1 Travel baby bouncer walkerAre you looking for a bouncing walker that will keep your baby occupied while you get things done around the house? Well, then consider purchasing the ORBITEL PortaPlay 4-in-1 Activity Center. It is designed for babies between 5 months to 1 year old, and you can even convert it to a play table for toddlers.

This activity center is easy to assemble and has adjustable legs that you can use to lengthen as your baby grows taller. It is designed for babies who can hold themselves upright, as there is no assistance for babies younger than five months old.

Your baby will have the advantage of using the 360-degree turning feature as they roam around and explore the different toys and parts. Moreover, if you prefer the quieter, less chaotic type of activity center, then this might be the one for you. It does not have flashing lights or loud, annoying music, which is ideal if you are simply tired of all the noisy toys your baby has.

This is the right one for you if you’re looking for a quieter, flash-free bouncing walker! Your baby will love bouncing around in this as the seat is made to give your child the ability to jump a little bit. Moreover, it comes with five toys attached, which you can take out to sanitize and clean. As for cleaning the surface, you can easily clean it by wiping it down.

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  • You can convert it into a play table as your child gets older
  • You can adjust the legs to accommodate different heights
  • This activity center is very compact, does not take a lot of space, and is easily foldable


  • It does not come with any lights or music

Buying Guide: How to Choose a Baby Bouncer Walker

Summer Infant Pop ‘N Jump SE Portable Activity Center Review
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So, you are thinking about purchasing a baby bouncer walker for your baby. Well, how do you even choose one? There are a few specifications that you should be on the lookout for. The most important thing to consider would be your baby’s safety, and everything else follows suit.

Below is an extensive explanation of everything you should look for in a baby jumper to find the best one for you and your baby:


It could be tempting to overindulge and purchase an expensive baby bouncer for your baby. However, it would be best never to forget that higher prices do not always translate into better material. Sometimes, the costly bouncing walkers are simply the ones who come from a famous brand.

You might also think that it is worth paying the price for all the features it provides, from lights and toys to functionality and activity. However, remember that you will most likely use a bouncer walker for only a year. Your baby will be too old to use it as he will hopefully be walking at that point.

Ease of Cleaning

Always opt for the bouncer walker that is easy to clean, as your baby will undoubtedly get messy in it at some point. The outer material of the bouncer walker should preferably be plastic or a similar material. That way, you can clean it by wiping it down with a piece of cloth or some wet wipes.

Moreover, look for seats that are made of fabric. Also, the chair should preferably be removable and machine-washer friendly, as that will make your life much easier. That way, all you need to do is detach the seat, throw it inside the washing machine, and then take it out to dry before attaching it again.

Safety Features

It is always tempting to get a doorway jumper, as they look pretty cool and provide flexibility and ease of use. Yet, on the other hand, doorway jumpers are literal accidents waiting to happen. That is why, whenever it comes to your baby, always look for activity centers or bouncers that provide you with safe options to ease your mind.

Aside from all that, you must make sure that the jumper you are considering is constructed well. By that, we mean to make sure that it has sturdy legs. Also, make sure your baby will not be able to pull themselves out. Also, keep an eye out for a deep enough seat to avoid any accidents or your baby falling out.

Moreover, opt for a bouncer walker that comes with a seatbelt or strap that ensures your baby stays secure and in place, even if you are not there, to keep an eye on them.

Maximum Weight Capacity

The thing is, you will need a bouncer that has a high weight capacity if you plan on having the bouncer for a long time. Hopefully, your baby will start learning how to walk around the age of 1-years-old, but what will you do until then?

Do not get a bouncer walker with a low maximum weight capacity that will end up useless after your baby becomes one year old. Find something with a high recommendation so you can use it as your baby grows older.

Adjustable Height

Not only will your baby get taller as time passes, but sometimes the bouncer walker itself is just off when you get it. For that reason, always look for bouncer walkers with the option of height adjustment. That way, you can change the configuration whenever you feel it is needed.

Wide Base

While a broad base usually results in more space for your baby to move around and play, that is not the only reason it is recommended. A broad base means the whole bouncer walker is more stable as it spans a more expansive area across the ground.

A broad base is always preferred since your baby will grow up and start moving around more. A wide base will guarantee that your baby will always be safe, even if they try to tip over or move around a lot.

360-degree Rotation

Baby Trend 3-N-1 Bounce N’ Play Activity Center Plus Review
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Not everyone believes that 360-degree rotation is necessary, but we love this feature as it provides more flexibility for your baby. Instead of always facing one direction, they have the luxury to circle completely and enjoy all the different angles around them.

Moreover, since the 360-degree rotation will allow them to turn around across the whole bouncer walker, they can access more toys. This way, you will ensure your baby is always kept distracted and entertained.

Toys and Activities

Yes, a baby bouncer walker is excellent and everything, but you cannot keep your kid occupied with just the colors and the functionality. Always look for bouncers that come installed with toys, as that will make the bouncer more fun for your kid and keep him occupied with something at all times.

Moreover, you can also consider some baby bouncer walkers with lights and music. This option is entirely up to you, as many parents start finding the music and lights downright annoying and distracting. But numerous baby bouncers do have these features, so this specification is based on your personal opinion.

Portability and Storage

We all know that babies have a tendency to get frustrated in the same place and get bored more often than not. Hence, you will need a portable jumper to pack it up and move it around as you go to different places. Look for a bouncer that you can take to a friend’s house, the park, on a picnic, or even one that just can be moved easily across rooms.

For that, look for a lightweight jumper walker that you can fold away easily. This will also help you for folding and storing purposes, as you won’t need to let the bulky bouncer stay out in your way.

Conclusion: Best Baby Bouncer Walkers

While there are numerous different options for baby bouncer walkers, there are only a few of them worth considering. Some are incredibly colorful and entertaining but are not functional or feasible.

Hence, this article discusses the best baby bouncers in the market and how you can go around choosing your very own bouncer. The number one thing to always consider is your baby’s safety, so make sure that the base is broad enough. There are mechanisms to keep your baby in place, and the seats are spacious enough. The ultimate bouncer will leave your kid laughing, happy, and distracted for hours.

However, the best baby bouncer walker, in our opinion, is the Orbitel Activity Center, mainly because it has all the best specifications for a bouncer. However, it might not be the one for you if you are looking for one with more lights, music, and noise.

All in all, put your baby’s comfort and entertainment before anything else when choosing a baby bouncer walker. You do not want to risk having your baby cry or have marks across their legs just because you did not pick the suitable bouncer for them. Trust us; that is all that matters.

How We Pick the Best Baby Bouncer Walker

Nothing comes before the safety of the kids, as that is the most crucial aspect of any baby product. So what we look for in baby bouncer walkers are high-security measures. By that, we mean sturdy material, straps for the kid, and enough space for the baby to move around without tipping over. Moreover, we want to prevent any mishaps from happening as babies have a tendency to just want to jump out of the walker, which is considerable danger.

However, the features we are always on the lookout for include:

  • Weight Limit
  • Safety
  • Adjustability
  • Build Quality

Let’s dive deep into the features and fully explain what we look for:

Weight Restriction

See, the number one problem with baby bouncer walkers is that they have a relatively low weight restriction. Most of them will list a maximum weight of 20 pounds, a typical baby of a 9-month old. However, that does not seem logical to us. What if your baby is heavier than the average weight? What if you want to use the bouncer past 9 months? It looks like quite a waste of money and product if you’re simply going to through it out. 

Hence, as you can see above in the list of baby bouncer walkers, we have a range of different baby bouncer walkers. Keep in mind that most of them do have a limit of around 22 pounds, but that’s merely because it’s tough to find high-quality jumpers with a high weight capacity. However, we look at the weight restriction to test for safety later on, as mentioned below.


Several concerns come with purchasing a baby bouncer walker. We recommend you get familiar with all the possible injuries. That way, you will avoid putting your little one at risk.

So, the most common accident occurs once a baby falls off the stairs. Hence, baby companies have started enhancing their products to prevent such a mishap from happening. The number one thing we look for is a wide board to avoid the baby from walker through typical doors. Then, the next thing we look at is the brakes. We prefer bouncer walkers with breaks on them, which automatically stop the walker once one of the wheels is at a lower level than the others (falling down the stairs).

Another safety feature is the material and the cushioning. If these are not top-notch, then you run the risk of causing your little one to get burns. These happen when there is not enough safety or a surface for the babies to comfortably lean on. 


So basically, any baby walker that is not adjustable is permanently eliminated from our list. That’s because it does not allow you to accommodate your baby’s comfort, height, and changes. After the height adjustability, we look at the leg distance. Some baby walker bouncers do have that feature. Although it’s not necessary, it’s an added bonus for sure.

Build Quality

Most modern walker bouncers are built with plastic. Some types of plastics are acceptable and are widely used worldwide because of their benefit. However, there are some plastics we recommend you avoid, especially when it comes to your baby’s safety. Now, the thing is, there might not be a way to altogether avoid these plastics, but there are ways to keep cautious. 

PVC could possibly contain Phthalates, BPA as an example, dangerous for all humans. Have you ever noticed a plastic product with “BPA-free” written on it? Well, these are the products we recommend using, as Phthalates can cause cancer over time. 

Polystyrene is used mainly for the packaging of products. However, it does contain harmful chemicals that manufacturers add to make polystyrene less flammable. Hence, we recommend you get rid of any packaging as soon as you unwrap a product to keep your baby safe. 

Why Trust Us

To fully trust us, you need to get a little more familiar with our team. Our team consists of two people. The heart and the soul of all of this are Eliza Williams, a mother of three to reach more parents and help out how no one helped her. That’s because, in our modern-day age, she believes it’s much easier to reach out to other parents, review products, and collaborate. 

The second person on our team is Mathiew Field. While not a parent himself, he obtained a Master’s degree in research. Hence, after Eliza reached out to him, he agreed to be part of New Baby Central. He’s the brains behind the whole mission, as he does all the testing, research, and editing. 

Our Process

Both Eliza and Mathew have had an agreement since the very beginning that there are no facts concealed. If they feel that information about a product is vital, they never neglect to mention it. Moreover, their sense of collaboration and process is so intricate, and reviewing a set of products could take up to 3 months. 

Now, you might be wondering, how do we choose our baby walker bouncers? Well, we first compile a list of products that we agree on. This list contains products that Eliza had personally tried before and liked and those parents swear by. The ones from parents are from forums, online comments, and parents we know from all around. 

Then, our next step is narrowing them down according to the features we look for. If they do not include the qualities we desire, we automatically get them off the list. That’s because our list usually contains at least 20 products to test. Our following process includes weeks upon weeks of thorough testing.

How We Test Our Baby Walker Bouncers

The testing method varies majorly according to the type of product we’re trying. Moreover, once a product fails one of the tests, it is automatically eliminated after testing 2 more times and failing. Now, for baby walker bouncers, it takes us 2 months on average to go through all the products. Hence, the process is quite extensive as we address a few different features. 

The general questions we aim to address are:

  • What would happen to the baby bouncer if more than the recommended weight is added?
  • Can you easily store the walker away? Is it foldable? If not, is it small enough to fit in an average space?
  • If the walker requires batteries, how long will they last? Moreover, what’s the process of replacing the batteries? Does the baby have easy access to the batteries?
  • Does the walker come with toys? If they’re made of plastic, are they BPA-free? Moreover, are they hard toys that can break easily? Or are the toys made for teething?
  • How easy is it to disinfect the toys? Can they be washed? Well, what about the whole bouncer – can it be cleaned as well?

Features We Test For


  • Bouncer’s Width: we test the width through typical doors around the house to see whether they easily fit. If they do, it immediately loses some points for putting the child in danger. 
  • Maximum Weight: see, as most bouncers have a maximum recommended weight of around 25 pounds, we test the products to see what happens if we exceed the minimum by 5 pounds. Hence, we put a total weight of the maximum recommended (+5 pounds) and leave it there for 5 hours. Then, we do this process 20 times to see if the bouncer breaks down or not. Moreover, we take this weight and drop it from a height of 1 foot 50 times in a row to see whether that would break it or not.
  • Battery Accessibility: this does not require a lot of testing, as we simply see how much force you need to take out the batteries. Batteries are a choking hazard and incredibly dangerous if ingested as they’re toxic. 
  • Toy Firmness: we stay away from too-hard toys, especially if they’re too close to the baby. That’s because we do not want our babies to accidentally hit their heads on the toys and injure themselves. On the other hand, we also test how easy it is to rip out the toys. If something comes out from our 50-tug test (tugging it 50 times in a row), then it’s definitely not safe for kids.


  • Foldability: we test whether the product is foldable or not. If you can fold it, we figure out how much space it takes. Now, the ultimate outcomes we list can fit behind a door, under a bead, or simply folded on the floor.
  • Dimensions: some of the bouncers are not foldable, so we determine how much the dimensions take out space. Mainly, we find out if the walker can fit comfortably in a normal-sized room without taking up much space.
  • Battery Life: we plug in the batteries and leave them in, with the light and sounds working, and note how long the batteries take to run out. Anything below 2 hours is automatically a NO-NO! That’s because we know how much kids love their colors and sounds, and they definitely will be using it for an hour or so in one go. 
  • Toys’ Material: we love all the BPA-free plastic and the fabric ones. As most walker bouncer toys are made for teething, we must make sure that they’re safe for the baby. Hence, we test the toys to ensure they’re safe, even if they’re somehow ingested.
  • Cleaning Fabric: we take out the fabric, if any is there, and wash it in a washing machine. We see how easy it is to do that, how long it takes to dry, and if washing ruins the material at all. We washed the cloth 20 times to see the effects of 1 year of using the bouncer. 
  • Cleaning Plastic: if there are any holes or hollow areas, we disinfect them to figure out how long it would take and whether it’s easy to do so. Moreover, we do not want any disinfectant fluid to get stuck into any crannies.

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