Best High Chair For Baby Led Weaning: Our Top 8 Picks For 2021

 Baby-led weaning is a growing trend in the parenting world and with good reason. Parents interested in this style of feeding their children don’t spend time pureeing or mashing food for them. Instead, they encourage their little ones to eat like adults right from the start. Baby-led weaning is a great way to save time and make mealtimes easier. Your baby sits in their high chair and gets to try and feed themselves from an array of finger foods. You won’t have to worry about buying or preparing exceptional food for your child as they will eat what you’re eating! Plus, it can help prevent picky eating and teach your baby healthy eating habits.

When you introduce solids to your baby, choosing the best high chair for baby-led weaning is essential. There are many different chairs available, and knowing what features you can help make the decision process more manageable. This article will go over some fantastic high chair options that could be perfect for any family.

A Smiling Baby With High Chair

First, though, we’re going to look at criteria to consider when shopping for a high chair for baby-led weaning.

Criteria for choosing the best baby-led weaning high chair

Easy to clean

One of the most important things to remember with baby-led weaning is that things will get messy! Baby, baby’s high chair, the table, the floor – food will get everywhere! For your sanity, choose a high chair that is easy to clean. That means a simple, functional chair that doesn’t have many cracks and crevices and is easy to wipe down.

Supportive and comfortable

Baby should be able to sit unassisted before you attempt baby-led weaning. You will want a chair that babies can sit upright comfortably in and support while feeding themselves.

Can be positioned at the family table

A high chair that you can pull up to the table will enable your baby to participate in mealtimes with the whole family. Eating together and trying foods as a family is an integral part of baby-led weaning.


As the high chair will be part of your kitchen furniture for a while, make sure you pick a design that works well with your current décor. If you’re short on space, choose a chair that you can easily store away in a small corner.

Best high chair for baby-led weaning

The following are our top picks for baby-led weaning high chairs in 2021 – they meet all the criteria above, and any one of them would be a great choice:

Ingenuity Smartclean Trio High Chair – Best Easy Clean High Chair

Ingenuity Smartclean Trio High Chair Review

This easy-to-clean high chair is perfect for baby-led weaning. You can convert it into a toddler chair or booster, so it’s very versatile. The main thing we like about this, though, is that it’s easy to clean. The harnesses are removable, and you can wash them in a washing machine. The comfortable foam seat is wipable, and the tray is detachable and machine washable. The tray can be locked into four different positions so that you can find which is most suitable for your baby. You can even use this high chair for seating two kids at once – put the baby in the booster and their big brother or sister in the toddler chair!

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Boon GRUB Dishwasher Safe Adjustable Baby High Chair

Boon GRUB Dishwasher Safe Adjustable Baby High Chair Review

This is another adjustable baby high chair that you can convert into a toddler chair. This is suitable for six months up to 6 years, so although it might be a little more expensive than some of the others on the list, you should get plenty of use. All surfaces are smooth and wipeable, and this chair doesn’t have any complications to clean crevices that would hold crumbs. The seat and try and removable and dishwasher safe. The height of this chair (the tray and the footrest) are adjustable, so the chair can easily accommodate your growing baby. Whether you want your baby to sit at the counter or the table, this chair can be adjusted to the correct height and pulled in close so that baby can join you at mealtimes.

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Sweety Fox Baby High Chair – Best Foldable High Chair

Sweety Fox Baby High Chair Review

This high chair is a little more expensive than others on our list, but it has some features that make it well worth including. First of all, it’s adjustable (with seven different seating positions and three footrest positions) so that your baby can eat in optimum comfort. It’s foldable, so it can easily be folded away and stored when not in use. This makes it very portable and a great space saver. The BPA plastic-free tray (perfect for baby-led weaning) is removable and easy to clean (it’s also dishwasher The Sweety Fox high chair is suitable for six months up to 30 lbs and comes with a free high chair toy arch to keep your baby entertained when not eating.

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Fisher Price SpaceSaver High Chair – Best Space Saving High Chair

Fisher Price SpaceSaver High Chair Review

If you’re stuck for space, this is the perfect high chair. It takes up just half the space of a traditional high chair and has all the same features. Just strap it onto one of your dining chairs (or even a restaurant chair), and it’s ready for baby’s mealtime. The seat and tray are dishwasher safe, and there is even a bonus insert tray with a deep dish design to stop your little one from pushing the food off the tray. This chair is easy to remove, move from chair to chair, and small enough to stow away easily. It has a three-position recline and two height adjustments so that you can adjust it to the best height and position for your baby.

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Evenflo 4-in-1 Eat & Grow Convertible High Chair – Best On A Budget

Evenflo 4-in-1 Eat & Grow Convertible High Chair Review

Suitable for age six months up to about 50lbs, this is another affordable convertible high chair. Depending on your child’s stage, this can be converted from a high chair to a baby dinging chair with a tray, a stand-alone chair, or a big kid table and chair. It has a washable harness and a washable seat pad, so it’s the perfect choice for baby-led weaning. This chair is convenient, safe, and fun, and with all the different seating positions, you can use it at various ages and for multiple purposes. Whether it’s a baby learning to eat his first solids or an older child drawing a picture or having a snack, there are plenty of reasons why this is a great high chair.

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Graco Blossom 6 In 1 Convertible High Chair

Graco Blossom 6 in 1 Convertible High Chair Review

Graco is a trendy brand for baby products, and they have been around since 1942. When it comes to babies, they know their stuff! This convertible high chair is suitable for six different growth stages with six height adjustments and three recline positions. You will have no problem finding the perfect seating position for your baby with this chair. Because it can be converted from high chair to booster seat to toddler chair, you can use this high chair for seating two children simultaneously. While the baby is engaged in baby-led weaning, your toddler can be seated at the table on the toddler booster. The seat pad is a wipeable premium leatherette and is also machine washable.

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Inglesina Fast Table Chair – Best Portable High Chair

Inglesina Fast Table Chair Review

This award-winning, Italian-designed high chair is a table chair. It can be attached to a table to give your baby a seat at the table.  With twist-tight coupling, it’s fast and easy to set up and is suitable for use with most types of tables. The Inglesina is portable, ideal for use at home or when traveling, and it comes with an integrated travel bag. This is suitable for babies of 6 months to about three years (37 lbs). It weighs just 4.2lbs, is incredibly light, and can even be folded flat for easy storage or transportation. There is also a handy rear storage pocket for accessories.  The Fast table chair is easily washable, and the Fast dining tray snaps on and off the arms of the chair quickly and easily. To clean, all you need to do is wipe.

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Stokke Clikk High Chair

Stokke Clikk High Chair Review

The Stokke Clikk is a light, durable, easy-to-clean high chair. It’s ergonomically designed and comfortable, with a recommended age of 6 months up to 36 months. This isn’t a convertible high chair like many of the others – it’s simply a nicely designed, easy-to-use high chair that would be great for baby-led weaning. The harness is removable and machine washable, and the tray is dishwasher safe and detachable. There are three configurations for seating and adjustable footrest.

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Benefits of baby-led weaning

Not sure yet whether baby-led weaning is for you? There are lots of benefits to teaching your child to eat solids using this method – here are just a few:

  • Baby-led weaning is a natural, healthy way to introduce solid foods. Studies have shown that it helps babies develop good eating habits that will help them make better food choices later in life.
  • The baby decides what, when, and how much they want to eat – they get to be in control! This kind of autonomy is excellent for your baby’s development.
  • Babies can learn about textures and tastes by exploring with their mouths. What better way for the baby to learn!
  • Baby-led weaning increases the chances of children being less picky or fussy eaters as adults because they get more control over what goes into their mouths.
  • Baby-led weaning helps babies develop motor skills by picking up different foods by themselves. The pincer grip is essential for any child to learn, and feeding themselves will help develop this control.
  • No mashing, pureeing, or unique baby recipes are needed. Parents can sit and eat with their children at mealtimes as the baby feeds themselves. This is more relaxing and enjoyable for everyone! It’s less intimidating for new parents because it doesn’t require any cooking or special equipment.

Benefits of baby led weaning

Tips for successful baby-led weaning

Baby shouldn’t be too hungry before mealtimes, so it’s a good idea to nurse or give a bottle around an hour before you start your meal. If the baby is hungry and struggling to feed themselves, it can stress and frustration. Baby-led weaning should be a fun time of exploration and learning.

Make sure they have a comfortable, supportive high chair to sit in. The tray and footrest should be adjustable to enable you to set it at the correct height. Baby should eat at the same time you’re eating so that they learn about what happens at mealtimes. Any of our picks above would be great for baby-led weaning.

Offer a variety of soft, mushy foods to your baby. Start with finger foods like avocado, banana, or cooked carrots. You can make the transition to foods with different textures so that baby gets used to a variety of different textures and tastes.

You can cut the food into small pieces that are easy for the baby to pick up and eat. Don’t make them so small that your baby will struggle to pick them up, though, as this can lead to frustration!

Don’t expect too much from babies when they first get started. This is a whole new skill for them to learn. It can take time to get used to feeding themselves, and your child will make messes in the process.

Be patient and let them explore the food independently without any help from you. Encourage self-feeding by giving an assortment of food on their tray (but not so much that they get overwhelmed!)

Enjoy watching your child grow into an independent eater. You must be patient, though – it may take a while before they’re ready to move on to adult food. Progress, not perfection, is the key to successful baby-led weaning.


If you’re looking for the best high chairs for baby-led weaning, then look no further because we’ve got the best listed right here. We looked at eight different models of high chairs and found each to be rated highly by parents who have experienced baby-led weaning with their children.

The Ingenuity High Chair is an excellent option if you want a chair with a modern design that is versatile enough to be transformed from a high chair to a toddler chair or booster. It’s also easy to clean, which is an essential factor in deciding what type of chair to buy as it will see heavy use day after day. The Boon Grub is also a nice convertible chair that gets excellent reviews but is a little more expensive.

Another popular model is the Fisher Price Space Saver High Chair since it takes up little space and is entirely portable. It’s easy to strap onto one of your ordinary dining chairs or remove it as necessary. You can even take it with you to restaurants – it’s speedy and easy to use and is just as comfortable as a traditional high chair.

Look no further than the Sweety Fox high chair for a foldable high chair. It’s a bit more expensive than others, but we like how it’s portable and easy to store. It’s also easy to clean and comes with a BPA-free tray for safer, healthier baby-led weaning.

While these are some of the best high chairs for baby-led weaning (in our opinion), there are plenty of other options available on Amazon to suit all budgets. Just make sure (for your own sake) that they’re easy to clean because until the baby learns to eat solids, food will get everywhere! You can check them out here.

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