Best Outdoor Baby Swing

7 Best Outdoor Baby Swing
The summer season is always an invitation to go outdoors and have fun with your little ones. What better way to do it than having your own little outdoor swing to enjoy? We all love that sensational feeling of air while flying high up in the sky and trust us, babies are no different. That’s why we went on a hunt for the best outdoor baby swing.

However, just like any other product, you plan on purchasing, buying the best outdoor baby swing can be quite the hassle. You need to consider numerous factors, including the material, the length of the swing, the age recommendation, and the comfort level. However, we make things a tad bit easier for you by providing another extensive review article.

Here, we will talk about the 7 best outdoor swings you can choose from according to your preference and your kid’s age. We also provide you with extensive details on the installation process, the material the swings are built from, and some quirks and perks.

However, our top pick must be the Little Tikes 2-in-1 Snug ‘n Secure Swing mainly because of the quality you get for the low price. However, it also has attractive features, including increased safety, thick and sturdy ropes, and a straightforward installation process. We spent 4 months testing this fantastic swing to guarantee its durability, test out its features, and measure how much it deteriorated over time. It successfully passed all our testing, which immediately made it one of our top favorites. 

Our Top Picks of Best Outdoor Baby Swings



Jungle Gym Kingdom

Swurfer Kiwi

Little Tikes


Best For

Best Outdoor Swing for Safety

Best Versatile Outdoor Swing

Budget Outdoor Baby Swing

Best Swing for All Ages

Max. Weight

220 lbs

50 lbs

50 lbs

700 lbs

Age Range

6 - 36 months

6 - 48 months

9 - 48 months

> 2 years

Pinch Proof





Adjustable Rope





Max. Rope Length

66 inches

42 inches


63 inches

Available Colors

Blue & Green

Blue, Green & Pink

Pink & Magenta



Plastic & Steel

Foam & Plastic


Foam & Steel

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G Taleco Gear



Best For

Best Non-toxic Outdoor Swing

Best Durable Outdoor Swing

Best Adjustable Outdoor Swing

Max. Weight


600 lbs

330 lbs

Age Range

6 - 24 months

18 - 48 months

> 12 months

Pinch Proof




Adjustable Rope




Max. Rope Length

30 inches

80 inches

86.6 inches

Available Colors



Green, Blue, Light Green & Red


Plastic & Wood

Polyester, Foam & Wood

Ethylene Vinyl Acetate

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Jungle Gym Kingdom Toddler Swing

Best Outdoor Swing for Safety

Jungle Gym Kingdom Toddler Swing Review

Jungle Gym is one of the top baby products companies with over 30 years of experience. They provide the highest-quality ones, but they ensure their products are extra safe for the kids out there. For this specific Jungle Gym Kingdom Toddler Swing, the design is a bucket swing that keeps your toddler or baby in place and prevents accidents. The bucket design has been proven to be ideal for those who are just learning how to swing. Hence, it’s the right choice for you if you have a small kid. 

Let’s first discuss the safety measures of this swing. It comes with a plastic-coated chain to prevent any pinching or rust that will harm your baby. Moreover, it has a fixed t-bar seat with an elevated backside to keep your kid supported throughout the ride. 

As for the convenience level, you won’t even have to assemble anything! The whole swing comes made, including the carabiners, the chains, and the seat itself. You can fix it up on your tree or swing set as soon as you get it. 

While it might not seem comfortable, everyone has praised this little swing, and kids seem to love it. However, we recommend you ensure your child can sit upright before putting them in this swing, as there isn’t much they can hold on to. 

Overall, we advise you to purchase this swing if you’re looking for something minimalistic yet easy to use. Not only is it the best outdoor baby swing you can get for young ones, but it provides the correct posture support for your child.


  • The bucket design is one of the safest designs
  • Provides extra back support for your baby
  • The chains are sturdy


  • Can deteriorate with long exposure to the sun

Swurfer Kiwi Child’s First Swing

Best Versatile Outdoor Baby Swing
Swurfer Kiwi Child's First Swing Review

Swurfer prides itself on its high-quality swings and adaptability. This swing can literally be hung anywhere due to its adaptable design. Moreover, this particular swing has received more awards than any other swing, mainly thanks to its versatility and ability to accommodate babies at such a young age. Swurfer Kiwi’s Swing has an ergonomic design that allows it to be installed indoors and outdoors to suit your 9-month or older baby. 

The harness that keeps your baby intact is a 3-point safety harness that can be adjusted to suit your child’s size. Moreover, due to the sleek design, the swing engulfs your child. It provides a natural curvature for him to rest comfortably. As the swing is made of both plastic and fabric, it feels soft on the baby’s skin, so you won’t have to worry bout any irritation or pinching issues.

At the very top of the swing, two hook straps allow you to hang it anywhere you want. Not only is that convenient, but the rope is 3.5 feet long to raise your baby high up above the ground to be closer to you. 

The swing is perfect for new experiences! The design allows it to absorb shock if it falls, and the inner foam feels like cotton against the baby. Also, you won’t have to worry about purchasing a new one anytime soon either!


  • The swing is curved to fit your baby’s body
  • The fabric feels very soft against the skin
  • Even if the swing falls, the material will take most of the shock
  • Fits children from the age of 4 months and upwards


  • Swing is hard to clean if dirt sets in as it might get stained
  • The ropes are not very adjustable without adding more chains

Little Tikes 2-in-1 Snug ‘n Secure Swing

Best Budget Outdoor Baby Swing

Little Tikes 2-in-1 Snug 'n Secure Swing ReviewIf you’re looking for a temporary, budget-friendly swing to get your little one used to the feeling, then the Little Tikes 2-in-1 Snug’n Secure Swing is just for you! It’s incredibly safe as kids cannot push themselves out of it due to its design. However, keep in mind that this swing is meant for infants and young kids only.

The construction of the whole swing is a solid, one-piece of material. That means you won’t risk causing any pinching as there really isn’t anything your baby can get stuck in. Also, since you will most likely be using this swing for a very young baby, keep in mind that children cant push themselves using this swing. Hence, you’ll have to always be there to assist them.

The straps are easy to maneuver, which means you can adjust them according to your baby’s size. Hence, you can accumulate your child’s comfort through some minor adjustments. The material prevents any rashes or irritations from forming, so you won’t worry about that. Moreover, this is the best outdoor baby swing for those parents on the go. You can easily store it or carry it with you somewhere, as the T-bar snaps to underneath the seat when you’re not using it. 

All in all, this swing is one of the easiest to install and carry around. You also won’t have to put anything together, as it comes in one constructed piece in its package. 


  • There is a drain hole in the swing for any spills
  • The T-bar folds underneath the seat for convenience
  • The straps are adjustable to keep your baby intact


  • Your baby cannot push themselves upwards or forward alone
  • The shoulder straps can sometimes be tough and rigid to unbuckle

PACEARTH Saucer Tree Swing

Best Outdoor Baby Swing for All Ages
PACEARTH Saucer Tree Swing Review

Looking for a swing that fits the whole family? Maybe your kids are older than 1 year old, and you want to spice things up and include your other kids. Well, the PACEARTH Saucer Tree Swing is an incredibly high weight capacity, as it can even handle 3 adults simultaneously. Moreover, the fabric used to design it is incredibly soft and durable, so it’ll last longer.

You might be wondering how a swing would handle so much weight? The ropes holding it all together are special, braided ones with much more strength. Also, the total diameter is 40 inches, so imagine how much space is on there! 

The material these swings are made of is sturdy to prevent wear and tear and any tarnishing from the sun. Hence, you won’t have to worry about buying a new swing a few months after, as this one will last you for a very long time. 

While it’s not designed for infants, as there is a risk of them falling off, it’s the ideal swing for when your child is old enough to handle things independently. But you can always use this with your younger kids when you’re next to them. This swing is also incredibly durable and resistant to UV light from the sun, so it won’t tarnish quickly.

If you’re looking for a more accommodating and tolerant swing, we urge you to consider this one. You’ll also get tree straps and a belt to allow you the flexibility of hanging it wherever you want!


  • Can handle more than 600 lbs of weight
  • Made with high-quality 900D oxford cloth for durability
  • Spacious with a diameter of 40 inches


  • Babies cannot be safely left on this swing
  • The instructions for installation are unclear

G Taleco Gear Free-standing Swing

Best Non-toxic Outdoor Swing
G Taleco Gear Free-standing Swing Review
For those parents who prioritize healthy, non-toxic material for their children, then the G Taleco Gear Swing is the best for you! Its two main material components are wood and cotton, so you can rest assured the quality of the material is top-notch. Moreover, this swing works by combining both the power of a stand-alone chair and a swing. Hence, you can use it both indoors and outdoors on numerous occasions. 

Let’s talk about the protection this swing will provide. Not only does it have double-sided cotton canvas lined up on the sides, but it also is UV-protected so it won’t tarnish away in the sun. Moreover, the marine-grade rope and the natural beech wood provide a more natural vibe and feel natural against the skin. Also, your little one can support themselves on this swing. The handles are easy to grasp and quite comfortable to allow your baby to feel at ease.

We know how these swings can sometimes lack stability due to their design. However, this particular swing includes heavy-duty carabiners to hook the swing up, non-slip rubber feet, and a triangular shape to increase stability. We all hate swings that take a long time to assemble, right? You won’t need any equipment to build this swing.

Overall, this swing provides you with two main characteristics: safety and stability. Moreover, the design and material used are non-toxic, so you’ll avoid any rashes or allergic reactions. Trust us, this sleek design might be what’s missing from your backyard!


  • Made of all-natural materials
  • The swing is designed to resist rust and last for a long time
  • Stable enough for you to leave your kid alone for a second


  • Susceptible to staining from the rain so must be put inside on rainy days

SELEWARE Full Bucket Toddler Swing Seat

Best Durable Outdoor Baby Swing

This bucket swing is designed to withstand very high weights of up to 600 pounds and is big enough to fit kids up to 4 years old. Moreover, it’s made out of EVA plastic. The EVA plastic provides numerous advantages when used in manufacturing. It increases the sturdiness and durability at both high and low temperatures. It even has UV-resistant qualities, which help protect against any damage from the sunlight. And come on, who doesn’t like a cute elephant design?!

The rope itself is highly durable, as it’s made of 100% polyester. Hence, it won’t rust, get ruined by the weather, or get moldy. That polyester coating also prevents the handles from getting too hot during summer, so you won’t worry about your kid getting some blisters. 

It comes with carabiners to help you with the assembly process, which won’t take more than a few minutes. Moreover, the rope itself has an adjustable plastic clutch attached to it. You can use this to adjust the rope’s height according to how high or low you want the swing to be.

While the swing size is relatively big, it fits numerous different ages due to its adjustability. You can change the height, but you can also use it with your kids for years on end. And honestly, the elephant on there is attractive enough for most kids to enjoy without a care in the world!


  • The rope has an adjustable clutch to help you change the height
  • The swing is spacious yet secure, which can accommodate your kids up until the age of 4 years
  • The high-quality material prevents the swing from getting too hot
  • Rust, mold, and weatherproof


  • The swing might be a tad too big for very small-sized babies

RedSwing Swing Seat

Best Adjustable Outdoor Baby Swing

This particular swing is designed for older kids who have gained the ability to grasp things. While you can use it for a one-year-old, it’s generally not advised as there isn’t much safer for your kid to hold onto. However, once your kid is older than 12 months, this can be the excellent transition you’re looking for! Your kid will eventually get bored of the baby swing, and the best option after that would be the RedSwing Swing Seat. 

The material the swing is made out of is known as the food-grade EVA material, where the material can endure hours of fun and the sun. Moreover, the design is anti-slip to prevent any accidents while your kid is enjoying his time. Don’t worry about the weight, as you can enjoy playing on the swing since it can withstand a weight up to 300 pounds. 

As for the rope design, it has a clutch made to adjust the height of the swing in such an effortless manner. Moreover, the rope’s material will protect your child from pinches or their fingers stuck in the chains. We generally prefer the rope swings instead of the chain ones.

Hence, if you’re looking for an incredibly sturdy yet comfortable swing to fit all different sizes, this is the best outdoor baby swing! It’s guaranteed fun for both you and your kids. It has a design that ensures your bottom is secure once you’re sitting, and the ropes are accessible and comfortable.


  • The best swing for the young ones and the adults
  • It can be hung from anywhere, including a sturdy tree branch
  • The ropes are very easy and comfortable to hold on to


  • Once you shorten it, the rope will go back to the longer length over time

Buying Guide: Best Outdoor Baby Swing

Buying Guide: Best Outdoor Baby Swing

No matter what product you’re buying, we always aim to provide only the highest-quality ones for our young ones. We provide you with an extensive buying guide to find the perfect swing for you and your child. We save you the time and research and get straight to the qualities we believe you should be looking for in every outdoor baby swing set.


Have you ever been on a swing and gotten pinched before by the chains? Or maybe you got some scar from the heat of the metal against your skin. Well, no matter what it is, we generally stay away from bare chains that are used in swings as these often have a way to cause more harm than good.

Hence, we look at the swings with metal chains covered by a plastic material, which will protect you from the scorching heat of metal and the potential of getting pinched. The other great option is the swings that optimize the use of ropes. This completely eliminates the heat and any possibility of getting any injuries as the rope is not a conductor of heat.


You cannot really protect your kid from the intensity of the sunlight through the swing. We recommend you always use sunscreen on your little one when you’re outside and resort to a shady area at peak sun hour.

However, we look for swing sets that have material that is UV-proof. That means that the fabric won’t get damaged entirely over time due to the intense sunlight. That’s because no one likes a swing that has its colors diminished, as that makes the swing itself look too old and worn out.

Comfortable Rope/Chain

Depending on the rope or chain used, the comfort level will vary enormously. We aim to obtain ones that have ropes that are small enough to be grasped easily by a child, but not ones that are too small and thin. If it is not manufactured with high-quality material, you’re potentially facing a rope that could get cut.

Hence, the comfort level also comes from the rope or chain’s specific material. We avoid any unprotected chains, and we absolutely despise the ropes that have some thorny feeling.

Setup Process

This can be pretty controversial, but we like the swings that can be set up in minutes. You will eventually have to bring it inside or put it away during winter or rainy days. Hence, anything that takes over 10 minutes to set up is quite a pain.

However, keep in mind that some swings, like the full-set ones that come with the frame, take more time to assemble. These can often be worth the weight depending on the swing itself. But generally, we would advise you to stray away from the swings that have multiple individual parts that need to be put together.


Little Tikes 2-in-1 Snug 'n Secure Swing Review
Image credit:

As parents, we always aim to provide the most toxic-free and harmless material to expose our children to. That’s why swings aren’t any different. We generally aim to purchase swings that offer a soft feeling, such as rubber or softer plastic. Cotton and fabric are also great alternatives to be used in the swing structure.

However, as a parent, you must never forget to double-check everything. Over the extended period you have your swing for, keep regularly checking the structural integrity. Keep an eye out for any signs of rust and mold, and clean the swing of any dust or dirt.

Hanging Options

Almost every swing out there has a different mechanism for putting it up. Some swings have hooks, others have straps, while some have the circular metal thing you attach to other metallic frames. These are all excellent options, but the best ones are always with hooks. Straps are generally easy to take off, which could cause some accidents, hence why we stay away from them.

While most outdoor baby swings mentioned in this article do not come with a frame, the framed options are always fantastic. Instead of thinking of a place to put your swing upon, you simply use the fame itself, often sturdier and more durable than anything else.

Buckling System

There are numerous buckling systems used in swings. Some do not actually have buckles but work on securing your children through the piece running straight through the middle. However, this is entirely a personal preference as both work perfectly to keep your kid safe.

However, if you want to buy a swing that uses velcro or a seat buckle, make sure that the dimensions and the length of the buckle suit your kid. That’s because they often range depending on the type of swing and the material, but you would still want to ensure the safety of your little ones.


As we have mentioned in the reviews above, some of our best outdoor baby swings have some extra support designed to aid your child’s development. This often comes in either back support or an overall curvature in the design.

Either way, these options are usually remarkable for kids between 3 months – and 12 months. At such a young age, the baby is still not strong enough to hold himself up. Hence, if you’re looking for a swing set for your tiny child, then consider buying one that provides extra support around their body.

Age Range

PACEARTH Saucer Tree Swing Review
Image credit:

Not all products are built the same; the swings explicitly. You won’t reasonably consider buying an open swing for your 6-month-old, as that will potentially cause numerous hazards. However, if you plan to use one swing for several years, consider the ones that are a little larger. Ensure they still provide enough security to keep your baby intact at a young age.

But keep in mind that if your baby hasn’t turned 1 year old yet, the best viable option is the bucket seat. This design is one of the best out there, as it engulfs your little one from all sides and is high enough to prevent your baby from tilting over or falling.

Testing & Researching the Best Outdoor Baby Swing

We love swings for both kids and adults, and honestly, who wouldn’t? The first image that pops up in my mind when thinking about an outdoor swing is how much joy and smiles it brings. That leads us to believe we need to pick and research only the top ones. Hence, we provide a detailed, well-researched review of the best outdoor baby swings. Our process is not a simple one, as it took approximately 4 months to thoroughly test out all our swings.

Our process can be broken down into a few steps:

  1. Choosing an initial list of products
  2. Reviewing the products to create a smaller list of swings
  3. Extensively testing out each individual swing

Why Trust Us

Trust stems from personally relating to the people behind the job, Mathew Field and Eliza Williams. Eliza is a loving mother who contributes to this channel for the sole reason of helping out other parents. She knows what a struggle is to find the perfect product for your little ones. Hence, she aims to contribute as much as possible and provide transparent research and review.

On the other hand, our main review editor is Mathew Field. He obtained his Master’s of Research back in 2016 and met Eliza, who encouraged him to help her out with NewBabyCentral. While it’s not his full-time job, his passion for research and finding all the minor details of each product led to an intricate collection of reviews. 

How We Pick

If you’re considering purchasing an outdoor swing for your kids, you’re looking for a few features to guarantee their comfort and safety. Hence, we compile a long list of 30 outdoor swings for babies. This list often consists of swings we have personally tried before, recommended by other parents, and recommendations from friends and family. 

Then, we eliminate those that don’t have the essential features we’re looking for, as there would be no point wasting our products on testing a swing that won’t make it on our list. Hence, we minimized the list of 30 swings to 15, which we then tried. 

Here is the list of features we look for in every outdoor baby swing:

Safety Measures

Safety is always our number one priority, as we would never put our kids in danger. Hence, we examine the material the swing is constructed from, the buckle mechanism, and whether the swing has extra safety features. The safer it is, the more points it earns from us. However, we avoid any additional, unnecessary safety measures that would make the swing more uncomfortable. 


We check out the size of each swing to find out how much comfort and safety it would actually give our little ones. Moreover, each swing should be at least 24 inches above the ground, preventing any accidents from hitting the ground. 


There are numerous toxic products out there that can cause harm to your little one. We avoid those and stick to more natural products such as cotton and fabric. However, some types of plastic are incredibly safe for children and prevent any rashes from forming.


If the swing we’re evaluating is designed for babies under 12 months old, then we must guarantee they have an appropriate design. By that, we mean the design has to have enough support to wrap around the baby and give him back support.

How We Test

After compiling our final list of products, we test them over 4 months. Here is a brief explanation of our testing process: 

Height Test

We ask 10 parents of different ages and heights to use a dummy and place it into the swing. We then asked them if the process was comfortable and easy. Some swings are incredibly low, which is dangerous for the kid and uncomfortable for you. On the other hand, high ones are hard to reach. 

Setup Time

As mentioned earlier in our article, we avoid any swing that takes more than 10 minutes to set up. That will prove quite a hassle if you want to pack the swing and unpack it later. Hence, we set up the swing around 20 times and then asked volunteers to set it up to take the average setup time.

Stuck-leg Test

Have you ever put a tiny baby in a bucket swing only to have them get their leg or shoes stuck in the opening? We use dummies and dolls of various sizes (the size of an average kid between 6 months – and 4 years) and count the times out of 50 that something would get stuck. If it happens less than 5 times, then the swing is perfect! Otherwise, you might risk constantly upsetting your little one and annoying yourself.


We bring the swing out on a sunny day and leave it from 10 am – 6 pm. We do this on 30 separate days to determine if the direct, constant sunlight will lead to any color wearing off. Then, we drown the whole swing in water and let it dry. This is repeated 10 times, and we see if it leaves any stains on the swing. Also, one of the most important aspects is how easy it is to clean it up once dirt and mud affect it. If it seems pretty trivial, then we’re all good to go!

Conclusion: Best Outdoor Baby Swing

All things considered, having the best outdoor baby swing is an incredible addition to your backyard. It is going to look spectacular, but you’ll be able to have your kid spend much more time outside in the sun! But keep in mind that not all of them are created equal. 

The general way we advise you to choose an outdoor swing is to evaluate a few key features. First of all, how long do you want your kid to use it? Second, do you already have a frame for your swing, or will you need to buy a complete set? Also, something we always keep an eye out for is how fast the material deteriorates. 

Also, remember that if you’re purchasing an outdoor swing for your infant of age less than 12 months, bucket swings are always the best choice. They provide you with all the safety features and the ideal design to keep your baby in place and away from harm. However, if your kid is older than that, then a bucket swing might be more nuisance than a beneficial tool. You need to carefully evaluate all your options before deciding on the best one.

However, our best outdoor baby swing has to be the Little Tikes 2-in-1 Snug ‘n Secure Swing due to its low budget and safety measures. While it’s tailored for younger kids, it is the best way to introduce your baby to the world of swings as safely and securely as possible. 

FAQ: Best Outdoor Baby Swing

When can a baby use an outdoor swing?

When it comes to the traditional swing set mentioned above, including the bucket ones, we recommend you use them when your baby is at least 6 months old. While some swings, like the Swurfer Kiwi’s Swing, can be used as early as 4 months due to their design, not all swings are equipped to suit very young infants. Hence, once your kid can support themselves and the weight of their head on their own, you can use the swing without care!

What is the safest outdoor baby swing to buy?

There are no specific baby swings that provide more safety than others. However, the bucket design is always the best option if your kid is tiny and cannot fully support themselves. However, since we do optimize safety, there are a few features in swings you should look for:

  • The swing should be made of soft material, not anything harsh or prone to cause rash or blisters. Such material includes rubber, cotton, wood, or metal. 
  • The kid, once old enough, should be able to comfortably hold onto the chain or the rope. That guarantees they won’t fall off.
  • Find the most supportive, posture-wise. This ensures that your kid will grow up well, and the swing could help with their development.

Can a 6-month-old swing?

Around the age of 6-months, it’s safe to put your little one in a bucket swing. That’s when they can generally hold up their heads and be slightly more independent. However, that doesn’t mean you can leave them on their own without proper supervision.

Moreover, if your baby falls asleep on the swing, it’s always dangerous keeping them there. They are not supported, but you risk the chance of them falling out or even hurting their necks and backs. 

Can you put a child’s swing on the patio?

Of course, you can! You can basically put the swing anywhere you want as long as you can hang it somewhere. If you have the whole frame with the swing, you can literally place it anywhere as long as you have the space.

Keep in mind that the general recommendation is to keep any equipment, furniture, or decoration at least 6 feet away from the swing. You don’t want to risk breaking something, and you don’t want your baby to harm themselves while swinging.

Moreover, when placing the swing on the patio, make sure the ground underneath is safe to land on. For instance, if the base is made of cement or hard flooring, we recommend you avoid putting it in that place. Any accident there will cause more harm than good, and you might have a kid who never wants to swing again. 

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