Best Hiking Stroller- Our Top 7 Picks for 2022

Hiking with your baby is an excellent way to bond. However, you want to make sure that you have the best stroller for hiking so that everyone stays safe and comfortable. There are many different types of strollers on the market today, but not all will work well when hiking off-road or through rough terrain. Before you head out into the wilds with your infant in tow, we’re going to show you how to choose the perfect stroller for your next hike!

We’ve researched the best strollers for hiking and analyzed each one based on price, size, weight limit, seat recline position as well as other features. You’ll find a lot of great information to help you make an informed decision about which model will be the best for your family’s needs in this blog post! If you’re not sure what type of stroller would work for your lifestyle or budget, don’t worry, we have something to suit everyone. However, our ultimate favorite must be the BOB Gear Allterrain Pro Jogging Stroller. It has a smooth mechanism, the best features, and everything you need in a hiking stroller. 

Best Hiking Stroller

Best Hiking Stroller

The following are our top picks for the best stroller for hiking in 2021:



BOB Gear Alterrain Pro

Baby Jogger Summit X3

Baby Trend Expedition Travel System

BOB Gear Rambler

Britax B-Free

Jeep Cross-Country Sport Plus

Graco FastAction Fold


32.3 lbs

28.4 lbs

41 lbs

25.2 lbs

22 lbs

26 lbs

38 lbs

Age Range

0-3 years

< 36 months

0-3 years

Based on Weight

0-2 years

< 36 months

0-2 years

Harness Type








Max. Weight

165 lbs

75 lbs

50 lbs

165 lbs

65 lbs

45 lbs

50 lbs










SmoothShox Suspension 

All-wheel Suspension


SmoothShox Suspension



Air-filled Wheels


Single & Adjustable

Signle & Not Adjustable

Single & Not Adjustable

Single & Not Adjustable

Single & Adjustable

Single & Adjustable

Single & Not Adjustable

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BOB Gear Alterrain Pro Jogging Stroller – Best Overall


Baby Jogger Summit X3 Jogging Stroller Review
Best Overall: BOB Gear Alterrain Stroller

This is, in our opinion, the best stroller for hiking overall. Its smooth shot suspension and air-filled tires make it suitable for all kinds of terrains, keeping your baby as comfortable as possible as you roll over rough ground with ease. The ergonomic hand brake gives you excellent downhill control for safe usage. It is the most expensive on our list, but in our opinion, it’s worth paying a bit extra for a premium model that’s going to go the distance.

This hiking stroller is suitable for a smooth, safe ride for your little one and is well worth the investment if you want to go hiking as a family. The canopy is 100% waterproof, windproof, and sun resistant to protect your child from the elements. The zip-top cargo basket is perfect for storing any gear you take with you when hiking. It’s effortless to fold and can be done with one hand in just one step.  

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Baby Jogger Summit X3 Jogging Stroller  – Best Value

Baby Jogger Summit X3 Jogging Stroller Review
Best Value: Baby Jogger Summit Stroller

This is another quick-fold stroller that You can easily fold in one step. This stroller has three wheels – 16 inches on the back and 12 inches on the front and is air-filled for all-terrain rides. The hand-operated rear brakes give reasonable control over hilly and rough ground. It’s cheaper than the Bob Gear but similar in features, so probably slightly better value if you don’t want to pay upwards of $600.

The Summit X3 Jogging Stroller has a 75lb weight capacity and weighs 28.4 lbs. This is reasonably light and easy to control while still solid and durable. The UV50+ sun canopy offers shade and protection from the sun on a sunny day. It also has side ventilation and a peek-a-boo window so you can check on your baby as you go. If you’re looking for an excellent value stroller that’s durable enough to brave the elements, Baby Jogger is a fantastic brand loved by parents everywhere.

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Baby Trend Expedition Jogger Travel System – Best Travel System (For Younger Babies)

Baby Trend Expedition Jogger Travel System Review
Best Travel System: Baby Trend Expedition Jogger

The Baby Trend Expedition Jogger Travel System comes in various colors and is very affordable. A travel system is the best option for younger babies that can’t yet sit up by themselves. It has a lightweight steel frame and padded reclining seat. This particular model is suitable from birth up to 50lbs with the option to use a rear-facing car seat for newborns. The car seat is easy to install and is latch equipped.’

The Baby Trend has large air-filled bicycle tires suitable for various terrains. The front swivel wheel makes it easy to maneuver and is lockable for jogging or can be unlocked for strolling. There is a 5 point safety harness and tether strap on both the stroller and car seat. If you’ve got a young baby that doesn’t yet sit up by him or herself, the travel system is the best option for safe and secure travel.

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BOB Gear Rambler Jogging Stroller – Best Lightweight Stroller

BOB Gear Rambler Jogging Stroller Review
Best Lightweight Stroller: BOB Gear Rambler

Bob Gear is one of the most popular hiking and jogging strollers. They have several different models to suit all needs and budgets, and they’re known for their quality and reliability. The five-star rated Rambler is an entry-level stroller than some more expensive Bob Gear strollers. It doesn’t have extra features like storage pockets or an adjustable handgrip.

This is one of the more lightweight hiking strollers on the market if you’re looking for a stroller that’s easy to handle. It’s small so that it won’t take up too much space in your trunk; however, some customers have stated they felt the seat could be a bit deeper. Because it’s pretty compact, if your child is tall, they might not get as much time in this stroller. However, some benefits come specifically with this model, and that’s the weight of just 25.5lbs.

Overall, the Rambler has pretty much everything you need in a hiking stroller, but without the extra bells and whistles (most of which aren’t necessary anyway!) If you prefer to have the extras, you might want to spend about $100 more and get the giant Revolution-style stroller. This stroller is travel system-ready and can be used with most big brand car seats if you purchase a Bob Infant Car Seat Adapter (you can buy this separately). If you like the idea of the Rambler, though, you’ll find that it’s excellent on rough terrain and trails, and it’s easy to use the maneuver.

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Britax B-Free Stroller – The Best Stroller with Adjustable Handlebars (For All Heights)

Britax B-Free Stroller Review
Best Handlebar Stroller: Britax B-Free

This is a super stylish stroller, is lightweight and easy to fold, and feels very safe and sturdy. The adjustable handlebar is very popular with parents – mainly if one parent is short and the other tall. It can easily be adjusted to suit any height. The seat is also adjustable and can go far enough back that your child can lie down. The max upright position isn’t quite perfect, but this is shouldn’t be a big deal. Take your little one for walks over various terrains – dirt trails, grass, uneven rock paths, and more, and you’ll find that this stroller is sturdy enough to handle it all. It’s effortless to push and maneuver.

The manufacturer makes the tires out of rubber, so you don’t need to worry about getting a flat tire (as you would with air-filled tires). The Britax is travel system ready and is compatible with all Britax and BOB car seats. It has a lovely storage basket at the bottom and seven additional storage pockets, so you’ll never forget anything. Also, an extra-large canopy so that you can take it out in all weathers and keep baby’s protected from the elements. This hiking stroller is suitable for birth up to 65lbs.

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Jeep Cross-Country Sport Plus Jogger

Jeep Cross-Country Sport Plus Jogger Review
Best Convenient Stroller: Jeep Cross-Country Sport Plus

If you’re looking for an affordable stroller that costs less than $200, then this might be the one for you. We can’t say it’s the best stroller for hiking, but it’s certainly in our top 10 and is quite impressive for the price. It has many of the same features as some more expensive strollers. This stroller has a robust and durable frame, a front swivel wheel, and a large canopy to protect from the weather. It travels nicely over various terrains and is a good option for any parent and kid with an active lifestyle.

We want to bring a few things that customers have mentioned in a review to your attention. First, this stroller requires two hands to collapse rather than one – you can fold most of the more expensive models using just one hand. Secondly, some people have deemed the storage basket a bit small. This won’t be an issue for everyone, but if you want to carry your shopping or a giant diaper bag, they might not fit.

Lastly, like the Britax, the seat doesn’t sit quite upright – it always is in a slight decline. Some kids, especially younger ones, strain to sit up straighter to see better. These are just minor inconveniences, and many people have given the stroller 5-star ratings, so they’re not a problem for most. Plus, for the price, you really can’t complain too much! If you’d like to check it out for yourself, click on the link:

Click here to check the Jeep Cross Country Stroller Price on Amazon

Graco FastAction Fold Jogging Stroller – Best Affordable Stroller For Hiking

Graco FastAction Fold Jogging Stroller Review
Best Affordable Stroller: Graco FastAction

This heavy-duty hiking stroller is perfect for off-road walks, powering efficiently over rough terrain and through mud and grass. It’s big, so make sure your car trunk is big enough before buying this one. A few reviewers said they had to take off the wheels to fit it in their car, and that’s not ideal when you’re carrying a baby with you. This stroller is also more suited to taller users. So if you’re on the shorter side, this might not be the one for you.

The Graco Fastaction Fold (as indicated by the name) folds quickly and is self-standing when folded. All Graco infant car seats can be easily attached to this stroller, which is perfect for younger babies that can’t yet sit up by themselves. This portable jogging stroller features a front locking swivel for when you’re jogging, which can be unlocked when strolling or hiking. Stroller weight is 31.97lbs, carries a maximum weight of 50 lbs, and age range of 0m – 36m. At under $200, this is a great hiking stroller for anyone on a budget. It’s also perfect for anyone with a young baby who already has a Graco infant car seat (you can clip it quickly to this stroller). Just remember it’s probably more suitable for taller parents.

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What is an all-terrain stroller?

An all-terrain stroller has been designed for parents to use on any surface, from city streets to off-road hiking trails. They typically have larger wheels for suspension, which make them easier to push through anything in your path. Many of the most popular all-terrain strollers are three-wheeled, with two wheels on the back and one large wheel on the front. The wheels are usually made of rubber and filled with air (or made from solid rubber) so that they can ride over rough ground and bumps as smoothly as possible. All-terrain strollers are great for hiking, the beach, walking trails, and more.

What is an all-terrain stroller?

Criteria for choosing the best baby stroller for hiking

Take the following into account when choosing a jogging or all-terrain stroller for hiking:

BOB Gear Allterrain Pro Jogging Stroller Review
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Know your needs

What kind of terrain will you be hiking on? Will you have a car with you? How many children do you have, what ages are they, etc. Will there be other adults there to share the load?

Check the Weight of the Stroller

Hiking strollers need to be relatively light, but they can vary a lot in reality. You don’t want a stroller that is too heavy and hard to move. This is important as you may have to carry it up hills or push it over rough terrain.

Storage space

Ensure there’s enough storage space for snacks, water bottles, jackets, etc. Also, it would be best if you had a place to put your cell phone. Baskets and pockets are valuable additions to any stroller.


Consider the wheel types (some have three wheels, some have 4) and make sure whichever one you choose has good suspension so that bumps in the road won’t jostle baby too much.

Britax B-Free Stroller Review
Image credit:


Think about safety features like brakes and locks on wheels. Make sure the wheels are appropriately aligned and not loose. The crotch strap and safety belt should be solid and sturdy to keep the baby from slipping or falling out. You should adjust the height of the safety belt for proper fit. The larger the wheels, the easier it will be to negotiate rough terrain.


When you consider the fact that there are hiking strollers from $150 up to $600 (and more), you have to consider the price. You may not get all the bells and whistles with the cheaper ones, and often a lot of these extras aren’t necessary anyway. However, you want to pay enough that your stroller will be solid and durable enough to last a long time.

Customer reviews

Look at reviews from other parents who’ve used the stroller before buying it yourself. Amazon is a great place to find genuine user reviews from customers and has a good range of all-terrain strollers for hiking. Amazon is also great for fast delivery and customer service should you need it.

Hiking Strollers Customer Review

Benefits of taking your baby hiking

  • Hiking is a great way to explore the outdoors with your baby, and it’s an excellent opportunity for bonding. These will be some of your baby’s first encounters with nature, and they will create special memories for both of you.
  • It gets them outside where they can get fresh air and exercise. Your baby will enjoy being on the move after spending so much time sitting or lying down at home. Experiencing the outdoors helps to build babies’ immune systems, enhances physical development, and promotes healthier sleep.
  • You’ll be able to introduce your baby to new sights, sounds, smells, textures, animals – all while getting some exercise yourself! All these experiences help babies to make sense of the world. It also helps promote early language development if you talk to babies about their surroundings and what they’re seeing.
  •  It will help build physical strength in both you and your child. Pushing a stroller across the rough ground isn’t the easiest of tasks and can provide a perfect resistance workout.

Conclusion – Which should you choose?

What makes a stroller suitable for hiking? It should be lightweight and easy to maneuver but also durable. You want your baby to be comfortable in the seat, of course. However, you don’t need lots of bells and whistles (those might not even work well on uneven terrain anyway). If you live near some great trails, see our list to help you choose the best.

Our top pick is the BOB Gear All-terrain Pro Jogging Stroller. This has the perfect wheels for various terrains, an excellent durable structure, and is comfortable for babies.

A travel system like the Baby Trend Expedition is a better option for a younger baby as the baby can travel in the rear-facing car seat. You’ll find most of the strollers are suitable from birth, and you can convert them into a travel system.

For a more affordable stroller for hiking, jogging, or even just strolling, the Graco FastAction Fold Jogging Stroller is a great option. It’s lightweight, portable, and budget-friendly. You can also use it in conjunction with any Graco infant car seat. If you want the best stroller for hiking, look at our reviews above. Then check out some of the customer reviews on Amazon to see what parents like yourself say. I’m sure you’ll find one to suit your needs.

How We Pick Our Products

Determining which products are worth reviewing and presenting to other parents is no easy feat. It takes us multiple days to complete testing and check one stroller, let alone find numerous ones that deserve to be on the list. That means our strollers go through extensive research and testing, then filtered through to provide honest, straightforward reviews. 

However, we utilize a few definitive characteristics when sifting through the best products. The features we emphasize are as follows:

  • Safety
  • Functionality 
  • Ease of Maneuvering 
  • Adaptability 

Hiking with your little one is not an easy task hence finding the ideal stroller is a must. Every single feature includes numerous different characteristics. However, we use them as a guide to finding only the best hiking strollers out there.


Especially when hiking with an infant, you have to put their safety first. Hence, we look for strollers that minimize impact and wobbling around. While that is one safety feature, we often look for ones built rigidly, have high-quality material, and have 5-point harnesses. 


We knew that a typical stroller would not work as a hiking stroller. However, things have proven to be a little more complicated than that. Hiking strollers, often also running strollers, are built much differently. They must have more stability, tighter harnesses, and preferably air-filled tires. 

Ease of Maneuvering

Do you know how these little stones on gravel are a pain? Well, imagine you pushing your little one in a stroller up a mountain. That’s why one of our most important features has to be ease of maneuvering and controlling your stroller. However, at the same time, we love the ones that come with a locking feature that minimizes the wheels’ movement along more demanding terrains.


While this review article specifically targets hiking strollers, purchasing a hiking one and a normal one is not easy on the pocket. Hence, we target multi-functional ones that can be tweaked to adapt to different terrains and environments. 

Why Trust Us

First off, let’s briefly introduce who our team consists of. Our senior editor, Eliza Williams, is an enthusiastic mother of three. Our main editor, Mathew Fields, is an incredible, detail-oriented researcher with a master’s in research. We combine our experience and love of thorough details to provide the most honest reviews about products. 

Our policy is all about transparency, as we often emphasize providing shared opinions through multiple parents across the world. While the process can be taxing and lengthy, we often find ways to enjoy it. Also, our main reason for providing our detailed review articles is to save other parents from going through the same processes we have.

Our Process

To fully trust our methods, we provide you with a brief explanation of how our process is conducted. We first consult friends, family, and acquaintances who have used hiking strollers and then narrow them down to a few favorites. Afterward, we follow up with our round of testing: impact test, tray test, cleaning, equipment, and all the other additional features. Even after the process, multiple strollers never make it on the list as they present features that we would not want in our featured products.

How We Test the Products

Our specific process for testing the products depends on numerous factors. What is the purpose of the testing? How does the design influence the functionality? What are the features every parent would be looking for in these products? All in all, for our hiking strollers, we aim to address a few key factors. These include comfort, value for money, durability, safety, and versatility. 

But you might be wondering, how do we test for these features? While we do look at online reviews, forums, and survey answers, we also aim to answer these questions:

  • How safe is the hiking stroller? Can you take your little one on your journeys?
  • Can you also use the stroller for everyday tasks?
  • What is the brake situation? Can you stop the stroller using a handle, button, or footrest?
  • Can an adult comfortably and effortlessly push the stroller in different terrains?
  • What about the kids’ comfort? Would our kids find it fun and comfortable in the stroller?

We aim to answer these questions through quite a lengthy process. Our testing process is divided into numerous different sections, as listed below.

Features We Test For


Harness: First of all, we focus on the harness. Not only should it be a five-point harness to keep the kid secure and safe, but it should also be safe for travel. We don’t want the kid to jump around and be incredibly uncomfortable when traveling over bumpy areas. Hence, we work on finding the extent of the adjustment on the harness. Moreover, we tug, reasonably hard, on the harness about 100 times to prevent detachment from the seat. 

Wheels: Remember that the whole stroller is based on the strength of the wheels. Hence, the wheels’ quality, sturdiness, and effectiveness should always be a priority. We do not want any loose ones that come off on harsher terrains. Hence, we run each stroller through three different landscapes at least ten times for hiking strollers. These include a hilly area, a grassy area, and a regular sidewalk. 

Brake: Handlebar hand brakes can be highly effective in slowing down the stroller, especially downhill. While they are not a necessary accessory, they are a plus and something we look for in hiking strollers.


For the Adult: Hiking strollers are designed so you can push them effortlessly over all terrains. This is mainly due to the manufacturing of the tires. These tires are much larger, knobbier, and enhanced than typical strollers’ tires. Moreover, as the adult pushes the stroller up and down hilly areas, you want a very convenient one. Hence, an adjustable handlebar is always optimal, so you never have to bend down or reach up to steer the stroller comfortably. Moreover, while on a hike, it might be difficult to stop to reach down into the storage area for snacks or your phone. Hence, we look for strollers with conveniently-placed pockets that contain small items.

For the Child: While a canopy to protect from the sun is an accessory, we always cross off initially. However, that’s not the only thing we scavenge for. Any hiking stroller with excellent suspension always makes it on the list. This means that the springs and shock absorbers system can withstand impact and provide optimal cushioning for your little ones, even on more challenging terrains. Moreover, once you establish that your stroller has a great suspension system, we survey the reclination options. While it is unnecessary, any hiking stroller that reclines fully is a plus. Sometimes you’re hiking on smoother, straighter terrains, and all you want is for your little one to sleep.


Versatility: Hiking strollers, or jogging ones, are not easy to invest in. However, if you are an active parent, we recommend investing in an excellent hiking stroller. While that generally is more expensive, it does provide an overall safer option. A versatile hiking stroller can grow with your little one and one that anyone can use in different areas. Hence, we do test the harness, wheels, handlebar, and overall seat height to see if they’re easily adjusted or not.

Good Value: We did mention that more durable hiking strollers are more expensive but that does not mean you should purchase an over-the-top one. Most of the time, strollers have an added value simply due to the well-known brand it falls under. Hence, the strollers we pick are not based on the company. On the other hand, they’re based on the best value for money. You can find a costly hiking stroller that does not provide optimum functionality yet find a much cheaper one with everything you need. 

As the main review editor, Mathew Field knows all the nooks and crannies that qualify him to write the most honest, straightforward reviews ever. He obtained a Master’s of Research in 2016 and has remarkable research skills. As a fanatic of both research and science, Mathew chose to pursue a side career in review articles after having his first child back in 2017. He then connected with Eliza to ask her for help. These events led to the creation of New Baby Central and Mathew being appointed as the Main Review Editor. He spends hours testing different products, from crash-testing strollers to assembling a high chair. He has slowly gained experience and knowledge. This equips him to provide other parents with his excellent reviews. As his passion drives him towards science, you often find him reading physics books or indulging in occasional documentaries.

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