Eliza Williams

Senior Review Editor


Eliza, a senior review editor of New Baby Central, has been at it for years. She is a loving mother of 3, and her struggles of finding the ideal gear for her little ones have inspired her to found New Baby Central. While no field expert, Eliza has tested numerous baby products from high chairs to strollers.

Her effort to contain and provide the ultimate best for her kids has taught her a lot. That’s why she decided to contribute, make a difference, and be part of a much bigger community of parents.

She has probably installed more car seats than most parents, as her knack for testing and reviewing baby products has only improved over time. Now, as her children have grown older, she still tests baby products for the simple desire of helping out other parents who are as lost as she once was. A fanatic about running, if she isn’t reviewing or testing these baby products, you’ll most likely find her outside exploring a new running track!