How To Fold a BOB Stroller

You might be looking for ways to get back out there with your baby by your side; working out, taking walks, going places, or going shopping. While it might sound tiring and a nuisance, the ideal solution for that is a BOB Stroller.

They are the most practical, and you can literally take them with you everywhere. The BOB Strollers all have vast cargo space right underneath the stroller.

There are many different strollers and car seat options for you to choose from, which makes things more interesting. You have so many BOB strollers to choose from, and many of them come with different options and systems.

However, the one main problem with a BOB stroller is the chunkiness and bulkiness of it all. Where can you put it? How do you even fit it anywhere in the first place? That in itself discourages many people from investing in a BOB stroller. Still, in this article, we will tell you everything you need to know about how to fold a BOB stroller.

What Is a BOB Stroller?

BOB strollers are the new, trendy, innovative strollers in the market. You can even tell from their design that they are made for runners, so a BOB stroller is just what you need if you lead an active lifestyle and want to engage in that with your child.

BOB strollers are built as “sport utility” strollers. You might think that it is just like any other stroller. Still, the rugged design, the smooth ride, and the material make these strollers best sellers despite their slightly expensive price ($300+).

There are a couple of BOB stroller models out there, and they all have been trendy among runner parents. The company, BOB, is owned by Britax, known for its great car seats. Hence, you would only expect the best, most comfortable strollers from BOB that are worth the price.

But have you ever wondered what “BOB” even stands for? Surprisingly and unexpectedly, the acronym BOB stands for Beast of Burden, which is the company’s original name. However, the owner decided BOB would be catchier and easier to spell, which he definitely accomplished.

What Age Can You Use a BOB Stroller?

BOB Strollers suit all kids of different ages, accommodating both infants and toddlers during your morning jogs or strolls around the streets. Single BOB Strollers even withstand children up to 70 pounds, so you really do not have to worry about how old your child is. Duallie BOB Strollers can even withstand weight up to 100 pounds.

The occupant heigh can go up to 44 inches for both Single and Duallie BOB Strollers. But keep in mind that the stroller’s maximum height and weight capacity are not just the child’s weight; these include the mass of any luggage combined with your child’s height.

However, there are specific recommendations for your child’s age before you put him in the stroller, depending on the type of activity you are doing.

For instance, if you are walking only with an Infant Car Seat with Adapter, it is recommended that your child be between 0 to 8 weeks old. However, if you are walking only, your child is recommended to be between 8 weeks to 8 months old. On the other hand, if you want to go jogging, then the recommended age is a minimum of 8 months.

How Does a Bob Stroller Fold?

There are two main types of BOB strollers; the Single BOB Strollers and the Duallie BOB Strollers (also known as the Double BOB Strollers). As the names suggest, the single strollers accommodate one child while the double strollers accommodate two children.

However, there is actually only one Double BOB Stroller designed right now. That is the Revolution Flex 3.0 Duallie. On the other hand, there are four different Single BOB Strollers: The Alterrain Pro, The Alterrain Jogging, Revolution Flex 3.0, and Rambler Jogging Stroller.

But how do you even fold a Bob Stroller? We all know that folding up strollers can be too much of a hassle sometimes, and we do find them pretty annoying. However, you can follow a few simple steps to easily fold a stroller and put it away wherever you want to.

All the Single BOB Strollers fold the same way, using the same technique. However, things are slightly different when folding a BOB Double Stroller.

How to Fold a BOB Revolution Stroller

These Single BOB Strollers are becoming increasingly famous among new parents. They have been very smooth like butter and effortless to control and push around. These strollers really are game-changers for every parent. These are especially useful for parents who want to get back into fitness or even those looking to train for a race.

Do you know how to Fold a BOB Revolution Stroller

There really is almost no other stroller that compares to these BOB Strollers. They are incredibly lightweight, and they are built to go fast. Hence you can take it at your own pace because you will not struggle to push it around.

As mentioned before, all the Single BOB Strollers fold precisely the same way, no matter the model. Hence, you can follow these simple steps for every one of them.

How to Fold a BOB Stroller: Step-by-Step

  1. Empty your stroller entirely by taking your baby out of the stroller and taking out any stored items or luggage. Do not ever forget something stored in there as it will not wholly fold, and you are most likely going to end up ruining whatever luggage you keep in there.
  2. Make sure that the shock absorbers are in position before you proceed with folding it.
  3. Place your hands on the sides of the handlebars, then squeeze them inwards on the red tabs towards the middle.
  4. Then, you lift the hand bars upwards and then push them forward.
  5. That is when you will see a red handle from the rear appearing. Proceed to pull it backward. This is when your stroller is completely folded, and you can now store it compactly anywhere.
  6. You can even remove the wheels of the BOB Stroller to make it even more compact, and that allows it to fit in tight places.
  7. Do not forget that there is a wrist wrap that you can find on the handlebars. Use this wrap to tie up the stroller to store it away. After you wrap it firmly, fix the Velcro, so the stroller does not come undone on its own.

To safely remove the wheels of a BOB Revolution Stroller by detaching them, you need to follow a few extra steps. First of all, you can remove the front wheel by opening the front wheel quick release and removing the wheel sideways. Remove the rear wheels, release the parking brake, unlock the rear wheel quick-release, and pull the wheels sideways quickly.

This way, you are ready to transport your Single BOB Stroller in your car, put it away somewhere, or move it around more easily.

How to Fold a BOB Double Stroller

So far, there has been only one Double BOB Stroller, the Revolution Flex 3.0 Duallie Stroller. It comes with two seats, easily accommodating two children simultaneously. You can even take your kids for a random walk around the park. You can even use this BOB Stroller to train for 10k.

How to Fold a BOB Double Stroller Quickly

These two-seat BOB Gear Revolution Flex 3.0 Duallie Strollers come with mountain-bike style suspension. This design is what drives you to keep running smoothly across the street or even hiking up trails. With the ten storage pockets made to keep your items and belongings safe, you can go on any adventure with them.

You need to follow a few simple steps to fold a Double BOB Stroller. This is even considered to be easier than collapsing a Single BOB Stroller.

  1. Again, make sure you completely empty your stroller before you try to collapse it.
  2. Unbuckle the AFOD strap that is going through the back of the stroller.
  3. Ensure that the shock absorber is in place before you fold the stroller.
  4. Then, grab the handles with your hands and press the red buttons found on both sides of the handles.
  5. You need to push the stroller up and then push it forward. This will make the stroller move downwards.
  6. Next, pull the red handle that you will see at the back. This is the frame release handle underneath the seat. Pull it towards you, and now you will have a collapsed stroller.
  7. Again, use the straps found across the stroller to safely secure your BOB Stroller.

But well, how do you remove the wheels of a Double BOB Stroller? To remove the front wheel, you need to open the front wheel, quick release it, and remove the entire wheel. The rear wheels can be removed by releasing the parking brake and then opening the rear-wheel immediately. Remove them by pulling out each wheel directly to the side.

5 Reasons to Buy a BOB Stroller

To be completely frank, these BOB Strollers are incredibly sturdy, and trust us, they will last you forever. However, below you will find our top 5 reasons why you should choose to purchase a BOB stroller.

1. The Material

BOB Strollers are made from top-notch material that is waterproof and has a UPF 50+ Canopy to protect your children from harmful sunlight radiation. Moreover, the tires are built from very durable material, making them primarily inflatable, so you can walk or jog on any terrain without causing excessive wobbling.

2. Huge Storage Space

As these BOB Strollers do look bulkier than most strollers relative to others, the advantage of that is that they are built to provide ample storage space. Not only is there a large cargo basket to put all your child’s belongings, but there are also side pouches that can hold things that you need easy access to.

3. Easy to Clean

The seats of all the BOB Strollers come with a specific type of fabric that is very easy to clean up. As it is waterproof, that prevents you from cleaning up wet messes. Moreover, the padded seats provide extra comfort for your baby.

4. Adjustable Handlebars

If you are short, tall, average height, you can use the BOB Stroller no matter how tall you are. The handlebars are easily adjustable, making them very easy and comfortable for anyone to use in the family.

5. Safety Harness Present

There is a safety harness around, which prevents your baby from accidentally tipping over. It is a five-point harness that will comfortably hold your baby in place while keeping him safe at the same time. That way, you do not have to worry about the lock opening up while you’re roaming around.

While these are not the only great features that BOB Strollers possess, they make them unique and stand out amongst the other strollers.

However, do not forget that they are also lightweight, making it easier to transport them. The strollers have reclining seats that allow you to control the angle of your baby, and the handlebars have pads to provide you with more comfort during long hours of use.


All in all, BOB Strollers are much easier to fold than you might think. You simply have to follow a few straightforward steps to collapse your BOB stroller. That ensures you are folding your BOB Stroller correctly to preserve it and avoid collapsing it in the wrong way.

While there are a couple of different BOB Strollers’ models, they all more or less follow the same principle when folding them. They really have a much easier and simpler mechanism than you might think. They optimize efficiency and durability.

Well, who is the BOB Stroller for? These are for any parent who wants to invest in their kids and fitness. You can go for walks, jogs, or even on uphill terrains with your child secured safely in the stroller. It is ideal for mixing both the exercise part of your day with some bonding time with your child. We hope you would know by now that how to fold a bob stroller.

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