How to Keep Your Baby Cool in a Stroller

Whether it’s summer, spring, fall, or winter, going out on a stroll with your baby in a stroller is a fantastic way to bond. You also get overwhelmed or bored often if you stay all the time indoors, so a frequent walk with your little one is always recommended.

However, you always run the risk of your baby overheating during hot weather, which you want to avoid at all costs. Not only will overheating make your little one very uncomfortable, but it also poses numerous health issues that might endanger your baby.

Hence, you always need to keep your baby cool in a stroller while you’re out and about. This article will learn everything you need to know about keeping your baby safe and chilly in their seat.

How to Tell If Your Child is Overheating

If you suspect your baby is overheating, trust your instincts. The primary and most reliable way of determining if your baby is overheating is using your senses. You can touch your baby’s forehead, kiss them, listen to them, and notice any symptoms and signs that will require you to cool down your baby.

Hence, pay attention to the following details that are red flags indicating your baby is possibly overheating:

  • Feels hot to the touch
  • A flushed red face
  • Has damp hair or is sweating more than often (keep in mind babies still overheat sometimes without sweating)
  • Verbally complaints or looks uncomfortable
  • Acts restless or fussy
  • Your baby is more quiet than usual (might be nauseous, weak, or dizzy)
  • Experiences tachycardia (elevated heart rate)

How to Keep Your Child Cool in a Stroller

There are numerous ways to ensure your baby is safe and relaxed inside the stroller. However, make sure you avoid peak sun time, which is usually between 10 a.m. and 2 p.m. Hence, it generally is recommended to take your baby out on a stroll early morning or late afternoon.

All that said, here are 5 tips that will help you keep your baby cool in the stroller:

1. Provide Shade Through a Canopy

The number one thing you should pay attention to is keeping your baby safe from harmful UV radiation from the sunlight. Most strollers are already equipped with a canopy. Still, if yours is not, it is fundamental to invest in a high-quality one that will protect your baby from UVA and UVB rays.

2. Choose Appropriate Clothing

All parents tend to overdress their children as they’re too worried about getting cold. However, since babies cannot regulate their own body temperature yet, they tend to conserve heat and store it. That often leads to overheating and even rashes.

Hence, overdressing your little one will make him feel uncomfortable and rashes. On the other hand, underdressing your little one could possibly lead to sunburn or heatstroke. Hence, aim for using lightweight, loose cotton clothing that covers the entire length of the arms and the legs.

3. Use a Stroller Fan

Especially when the weather is uncomfortable and hot, anyone would appreciate a fan that circulates the air and keeps it flowing. Hence, we recommend using a stroller fan that will help cool down your baby and regulate their body temperature.

Our ultimate favorite is the AMACOOL stroller fan, a flexible tripod clip you can use outside. It can attach easily and quickly to the baby’s seat and has three different speed options you can choose from.

4. Utilize a Stroller Seat Liner

While a seat liner is often used for winters to provide extra cushioning, some can also be used for summer to absorb moisture and regulate the temperature. We recommend finding one made of breathable fabric that prevents overheating and excessive sweating.

That’s why our favorite stroller seat liner is the Ecotyl Universal Baby Seat Liner, which is made purely out of organic cotton and filled with hypoallergenic poly-fibers. Moreover, each liner side has different patterns that you can mix and match according to your preference!

5. Hydration

You definitely already know this, and while it might be a prominent piece of advice, we often forget to make use of it. One of the most important keys to preventing injuries is hydrating enough. If your little one is not getting enough fluids, you risk dehydration.

The more exposure to the heat your baby has, the more sweat he loses, which means you have to keep compensating with more fluids. Keep a bottle of water hanging around at all times, and makes sure you constantly give breastfed babies hydration through your milk.

Wrapping Things Up: How to Keep Your Baby Cool in a Stroller

The main thing to remember is not to take your baby out for long strolls midday. Also, avoid using blankets as they tend to overheat your baby instead of keeping them warm. Instead, utilize the canopy that will keep your baby shaded and safe from sunlight radiation.

The shadier areas you walk in, the better. Always find the perfect timing for your stroll and walk-in tree or building shades whenever possible.

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