Mathew Field

Main Review Editor

Mathew Field Main Review Editor of New Baby Central

As the main review editor, Mathew Field knows all the nooks and crannies that qualify him to write the most honest, straightforward reviews ever. He obtained a Master’s of Research in 2016 and has remarkable research skills. As a fanatic of both research and science, Mathew chose to pursue a side career in review articles after having his first child back in 2017. He then connected with Eliza to ask her for help.

These events led to the creation of New Baby Central and Mathew being appointed as the Main Review Editor. He spends hours testing different products, from crash-testing strollers to assembling a high chair. He has slowly gained experience and knowledge. This equips him to provide other parents with his excellent reviews. As his passion drives him towards science, you often find him reading physics books or indulging in occasional documentaries.